Motivation Proposition

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The Alderfer’s ERG theory can hinder progress in the pursuit to demonstrate effective motivation. The issue with Bobby and the rest of the team besides Jane and Todd is the lack of participation of all departments’ feedback on concerns. The notion that Jane and Todd went behind the project team members back to discuss issues with Mr. Lowes, in order to bring relevance due to the existence of issues in accounting. Mr. Lowes immediately was caught in the middle of rival departments of accounting and marketing and sales department to manage towards a successful resolution.

The proactive approach for Mr. Lowes must consider is a motivation theory of the ERG conception that delivers the desired results for the overall commitment project. The goal of the organization is the means to infuse an awarding organizational that motivates employees on an ongoing basis. The motivation factor at the company provides a solid commitment for management team to lead and portray the preferred way to managing employees. The motivation factor is a crucial factor that outlines the theme and style of the organization brand.

The importance of the motivation factor was instilling to portray a winning approach to the specific mechanics of the organization’s organizational protocol to effectively inspire employees. The landscape for a coalition to have employees feels the right sense of having a great attitude about their job tasks on the project team. The overall goal for the motivation factor demonstrates the next phase of honing on the organizational behavior concepts, according to the ERG theory motivation protocol.

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The actual theory application basically details the needed principals for respecting employees are the main component to reinforce the company’s message. The issues between Jane, Todd, and Bobby outlines the importance of the organization core values – that Mr. Lowes must focus on to successfully motivating employees so that they can excel in their job roles. The lasting impression of succeeding in representing the core values to consumers provides a three-way relationship matrix between the management, employees, and consumers that solidify the motivation efforts of the organization.

The implement of the motivation factor infuses in the attempt that the organization envisions to deliver customer satisfaction to consumers. In doing so, the motivated employee will be able to sell additional merchandising with a more concentrated effort to reinforce the core message of Organization (Jackson, 1998). The EKG motivation theory focuses on the organization incorporated effort in the context of a prospect to organizational behavior due to the continue results of departmental outcomes. The key to present a welcoming atmosphere when interacting with the project team members is for Mr.

Lowes to provide a sense of the reality being recreated by focusing on the core reasons for the need for the new database system (Bowen, 2006). In order to achieve this environment the employees must have been exposed to working organizational behavior concept that promotes motivation. The employees must be addressed in a respectful manner by allowing employees the freedom to express their own creative self. The benefit for demonstrating respect creates a realm of possibilities to motivating employees that encourages a good attitude about their jobs.

The motivation plan at organization is providing periodically project team building events that are focus on strengthen the team groups to be motivated about the particular job duties that will create disagreements to the direction of the project. The motivation initiative at the organization offers the incentives that encourage employees’ attitudes towards the company that are positive. Studies have shown when the employee’s attitudes are positive there will be a lower turnover rate.

Therefore, the commitment by the management team to make good decisions on the organization motivation plan is imperative to ensure employee retention is within standards. The project manager is aware that employees with low moral contribute to not meeting the core vision of the organization for providing consumers an exceptional family entertainment experience. The motivation initiative plan incorporates the regular meetings, employee team building events, reward certificates, and compensation packages that are implemented to showcase management support to motivating employees.

The efforts of regular meetings are to encourage an open forum for needed communication between project managers and employees to express concerns and issues. The willingness by management to listen to employees issues provides a motivating stimulator to bridge a positive relationship with employees. The initiative for effective project team building events provides a sense of connecting to the individual needs of the employee, in order, to infuse an inspiring message of the importance of the employee in the team.

The benefits of a team building event produces a great motivating factor to show, rather than telling just how important the employee matters to overall objective of the organization. The reward certificates offer a boost in efforts to motivate employees working for organization that can encourage higher productivity and less disagreement in the direction of the project. The reward certificates and compensation packages offer great motivators for sustaining employees due to the monetary award that benefits organization. Making Recommendations and Personal Reflection

The recommendation is a motivation plan implemented by the senior management team and stakeholders at organization to reinforcing the core values decided upon in the pursuit to delivering quality service to the end-users. The support system by the Mr. Lowes, as the project manager, is very important to instill the nature of habit by the project team employees for great service amongst project team members within the organization. Therefore, the motivated employees will be able to continue expressing a positive attitude towards their job and transfer those feelings in daily interactions with consumers.

The focus will be a combined effort from both parties of managers and employees to deliver the same message of the core vision. The motivation plan most critical aspects in effectiveness of the organization is the sustaining of employees to encourage an exceptional networking opportunity. Therefore, the understanding of the functional organizational behavior is critical to establish a workable plan. Mr. Lowes needs to follow the phases necessary in order reach a resolution that strengthens the project team in a motivated way.

The phases are controlling uncertain contingencies, in which case, the concerns of Jane, Todd, and Bobby could have easily be addressed and implemented with less friction amongst the project team. The communication focused meeting on a daily basis provides all issues to be addressed that refrains from feeling favoritism towards certain members of the team. Rather, the conversations are open and allows for all concerns of the project team to be stated in front of everyone for discussion, therefore, contributing to motivating the team.

The decision marking phase and implementation phase allows for Mr. Lowes to apply professionalism and fairness within the content of the stakeholder’s preferences. In doing so, Mr. Lowes has validated these criteria have outlined the phases of implementing the process to a successful delivery for creating a solid organizational concept at the corporation. (See figure A). Controlling uncertain contingencies Communication Focused Meeting Decision Making from Stakeholder to Project Manager Implementation Functional of Organizational Behavior

Figure A. The group behavior aspect at the company will need to incorporate a “winning attitude” that translates the core vision of organizational behavior. The combined effort from everyone in the organization reinforces the effectiveness of the decision making and the motivation program that instills the group behavior within the project team. The focus of maintaining and sustaining the mindset for a controlled contingency has its advantages by assuring that the protocol to follow the core vision is being implemented. The mission for Mr.

Lowes is to manage the areas of controlled environments by demonstrating effective ways to reinforce the preferred behavior of the organization (Kelly, 1998). Therefore, the group behavior of all employees are well informed and motivated of Disney code of conduct to showcase the preferred way on how to approach great customer service during their job duties. The group behavior concept within the organization at Disney is supported by many levels of management in order to reinforce the commitment to the corporation for delivering the core vision message.

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