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Monster Inc. is a leader in the recruitment market. With the development of Internet, it has increased its target market trying to reach diverse target audience. The `new marketing landscape’ has transformed greatly operations and the way it does its marketing. Traditionally, Monster Inc used newspaper advertisements and recruitment agencies as the main form of doing business. For Monster Inc, the Internet provides greatly increased speed and lowered cost in communications (Chaffy et al, 2000). The history of Monster Worldwide creates unique opportunity for Monster Inc to compete on the market using its brand image and WWW.

Internet opportunities are used by Monster to reach its target audiences and increase response. For target audience of Monster Inc online recruitment market has become an interactive system that allows individual customers to design their own products by choosing from a menu of attributes, components, prices and delivery options. The result is a very low cost medium with the potential to be as subtle, flexible, pertinent and persuasive as good conversation, with a better memory than the most diligent salesperson, and no distaste for repetitive tasks.

Web facilitates becomes very popular, because there are much shorter and less expensive cycles of send and response, eliminating paper and mailing costs from the interaction. It is important to note that the Web connects customers with selection agencies directly, thus potentially reducing the importance of intermediaries. In so doing, Monster increases profits by dealing directly with the customer and saving on distributor margins. However, recruiting agencies now has to assume some functions which were previously performed by distributors including communications, warehousing, bulk breaking, providing assortment, financing and service.

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At issue is whether the producer can be more efficient than its distributors in carrying out functions previously performed by them. Monster Inc uses the Internet for advertising, the publishing of a wide range of information, scheduling, distribution, payment, and service (Monster Worldwide, 2006).


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