Money and Power Social Stratification Essay

Last Updated: 11 May 2021
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Additionally, Max Weber expanded the idea of Mar's classic theory. He stated that people have free will, ability to make choices about something. People in effect can have an insight into what someone else is going through, the ability to relate to each other dimensions of power. The more you know, you have the power to insight. The people have power with access to skills, knowledge, and labor. William Domingo and C. Right Mills have gathered a contemporary theory, the power elite theory which is distributed power. Power elite theorist C. Right Mills stated that rich people are all related.

They control the economy, politics, government, media, criminal justice system laws, cultural capital, and etc. He summarized that they are a group of people who control everything. The wealthiest 1 percent own 33 percent of the Nation's wealth. Those who control have power and so they maintained that power by establishing methods of control. William Domingo theory explains that the power elite maintain their power by sharing a perfect set of coordinated interests. They are such things as vacationing at a similarly destinations, joining elite clubs, tending select schools, and socializing within the same group. Art social Class Scientific research analyzes that most people who are in the same class have the same access to the things that are valued in our society. Such valuable things are money, power, good neighborhood and schools. They also live in a similar way such as their lifestyles. People that work in a higher level tend to place themselves as middle class. Social class are break down into two groups: White collar and blue collar/pink collar. The white collar are required to have at least a bachelor degree and they are identified as the middle class.

The blue or pink collar are the working class who are pay less than white collar. Their jobs required less education. Gender and race was also ranked in social class. As for gender, a male and for race, a white person would help to be in higher social class. More women were in poverty than men due to the fact that men were the head. There are four approaches to determining social class. The first one is objective method which is the use of a multidimensional numerical (statistical) measure. The second way is called self-placement, the individuals appraise their own class according to questioners categories.

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The third way is reputation method which individuals appraise others' class according to questioners categories. The fourth way is combined method, Coleman and Rainwater: People who have really made it, people who are doing really well, people who have achieved the middle-class dream, people who have a comfortable life, people who are just getting by, and people who are having a difficult time. Social Stratification still occurs today because it is useful for individuals and groups such as people who have power have the ability to control others who are powerless.

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