The Vast and Personal Nature of Power: An Essay on Social and Political Power

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Power Definition Essay Power is a strong word and really very hard to define, it is a very vast term, but I guess that’s the point of the word isn’t it. Power can be anything from love to death or even electrical power; it’s all about how you view the term on a personal level. Two types of power that are commonly thought about when people are put on the spot and asked the question “what is Power? ” are social/political power and power used in physics.

For the obvious reasons that I don’t know too much about physics; this essay will boarder around more of the social and political aspect of power. So the question still stands “what is power? ” On a personal note, to me power is a social/political level in which you can control an influence people. A way I also perceive this same idea of power is that the higher of the level you have the easier it becomes for them to control and influence the public with littler resistance.

For example look at the president of the United States many people love him and he can almost do anything he wants; though you might say that many people also don’t like him this is because of a comparison, he runs against others for office so there are some contrasting factors. For me I can easily see power in everyday life, although it may not be how I view power when I picture it in my head. A way that I often see on a daily basis is direct control over someone else.

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Some example of this may include your teacher failing you if you do not do what they ask or a personal and ongoing one for me is my mother threatening to not let me go to see my favorite band in the summer unless I do everything she asks, and believe me the list gets daunting. Often people relate power to symbols, words, phrases or even colours. When I did my power survey some of the answers that I got were lightning bolt, fist, peace sign, and groups of people.

The lightning bolt was the most popular ones, I have spoken with my classmates and this was a popular one, I think this is a popular choice because it can represent different kinds of power leaving multiple impressions on people. Some political figures can be viewed as very powerful people because they can control mass amounts of people for better or for worse; this includes people like JFK and Hitler. Colour can make a huge impact and difference on people when presenting something this is why on my poster I tried to pay attention of the meaning of the colours while still rying to make it look as good as it does. For myself I view red and black as two very important colours because they both have very strong meanings that have both impacted my life significantly. In conclusion I still believe and proceed to see power as a social and political level that you can use to control or influence people on a positive or negative way. If you are looking to gain more power in your life, or just control and understand what you got going for you I suggest looking into powerful quotes, symbols and colours that can help you find your own impression of power.

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