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Mexico City: Water Management System

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Mexican water supply and sanitation sector is characterized by inefficient service provision and technically poor service, inefficient water quality, inefficient sanitation service & inadequate service coverage in rural areas. Mexico has achieved a considerable amount of development in the areas or infrastructure, economy, and urban resource management . The south regions of Mexico have abundant water recourses. Water on the surface as well as water underground are being exploited and polluted. This creates a void in the water supply that could have supported economic development and environmental sustainability.

Hence the country has put in place a water resources management system that includes both centralized and de-centralized institutions. The Mexico City water management: Stake holders: The National Water Commission takes the responsibility of water resources management such as grating of water abstraction as well as handling permits for discharging wastewater. The State Water Commission in Mexico City supplies water to all the 57 municipalities and also monitors the quality of water as well as assists in technical matters. The municipal water utility of Mexico City takes care of the water supply and sanitation.

In the 1930’s, Mexico has a deep-rooted tradition on water resources management (WRM) that carry on to find ways for water storage and ground water development that could increase irrigation and water that is being supplied to the general populace that is increasing day-by-day. Mexico entered a tripartite agreement with World Bank and the United Nations Development Program Mexico for the National Water Plan (NWP) preparation that paved the way to New Water Law (NWL) and National Water Authority (ANA) enactments giving the decentralizing responsibilities.

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Mexico City: Water Management System

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Political, geographical, climatic and some engineering issues are also affecting the water supply, drainage, and sanitation. Ground water is the most important source of water supply due to semi-arid conditions and low rainfall. Geographically, it is located in between the valleys without natural outlet for drainage and thereby dependent on artificial canals. The National Water Commission is responsible for water resource management in Mexico.

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