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Memo Accounting Department

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Per your memo dated February 12th regarding the company smoking ban I have instituted a mediation committee in the Accounting Department consisting of Joe Jones, Jane Doe and Herbert Hoover. However, since the new policy went into effect last Monday, the committee has received numerous complaints of non-compliance in the men’s rest room on our floor that they are unable to effectively address.

The Accounting Department’s Mediation Committee has had no effect in enforcing the new smoking ban; in fact many of the other employees are making comments to the effect that the committee is overstepping its bounds by attempting to control the problem in the rest room.

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There are nine smokers of the 27 male staff members on our floor. Those who are complying with the new policy now must step outside for a smoke break and much time is being lost while they are away from their desks. They are dissatisfied by the lack of shelter when it is raining or snowing outside and this is leading to a loss of morale in the smoking staff members. As well, the smokers tend to congregate immediately outside the main entrance to the building and this is unacceptable for our clients and visitors to witness.

There appears to be no easy solution to this problem. My Mediation Committee is quite frustrated by their lack of authority to solve the issues being presented to them. There may need to be an addendum to the smoking ban which addresses acceptable policy during the staff’s normal work shift.

I would be happy to set up a convenient time for you to visit with the mediation committee, the floor staff and myself before the end of this week in my department. Perhaps together we can all come up with a suitable solution – please advise me of your availability.

I appreciate your help with this matter.

Memo Accounting Department essay

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