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The accounting software of the finance department is enormously outdated and there is need for replacement. In this year’s fiscal budget, I have included the purchase of new accounting software to replace the obsolete one.

I choose you because you have the potential of carrying out this task exceptional well. Since, it is difficult to purchase new accounting software, some steps that will guide you in the purchasing process of this software are included here.

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There are various aspects or steps that guide the purchase of new accounting software, but the most important ones are discussed here. The software should be of right type, its features must be moderate (including the required features), easy to install and operate. In most cases, prices are not important, what are important are the required features that the department want in the software.

In addition, the capability of the new software is another important aspect that you should not forget. Other additional tools or materials that will complement this software’s effectiveness should also be considered. Since, the installation of new accounting software will require some tools for instance, larger disk space therefore, the prices of these materials should be an important factor. Evaluation of this new software in terms of effectiveness and capability should also be an important aspect of the purchasing process.

Legal concern is also an important aspect in this purchasing process. You should be able to know what legal measure that will be taken in case the software does not work. In addition, who will be responsible for the depreciation cost in case the software wears out quickly? There are some risks if these factors are not considered, which can be very disastrous at the end.

Finally, I believe these aspects would guide you through the purchasing process. You are free to see me for further discussions or feedbacks.

Cordially, Mark Jackson, Manager Finance Department.


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