McDonaldization of Society

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Ritzer’s theory of McDonaldization proposes a new interpretation of modern world order, social structure of society and business relations. Efficiency is one of the main components of McDonaldization. Ritzer (2000) explains: “McDonald's offers efficiency, or the optimum method for getting from one point to another. For consumers, this means that McDonald's offers the best available way to get from being hungry to being full” (9). Efficiency helps companies to adopt particular cause of action. Efficiency means the best solution to meet the needs of parties involved. Efficiency involves the identification of a problem or issue which requires consideration. At this stage there will be a decision to do nothing or pursue the issue.

For instance, fast food restaurants help customers to save time and money. People can buy meals in a short period of time ‘without leaving their cars’ (9). Efficiency can be explained as rationality, fast service delivery and low cost solutions.  Continued change is inevitable and likely to develop at an even faster rate. “The fast-food model offers people, or at least appears to offer them, an efficient method for satisfying many needs” (10). A salad bar is a vivid example of efficiency: a customer buys a plat and creates a salad himself.

By keep­ing the objectives in mind and always looking for ways in which both parties can work together to achieve their common objectives, it should be easier to reach a mutually acceptable service. If efficiency concept is followed, the company is required to identify possible courses of customers’ action to solve the problem.

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Get Essay Help is a travel agency which follows an efficiency principle in order to deliver quality services at low cost. ‘Self-service’ is the main tool used by Expedia Travel. A client can plan his trip or vocation according to his budget and wants. A client calculates the price of his trip himself and can reduce its cost choosing a cheaper hotel or flight. This self-service presents opportunities for diverse customer groups. This approach is interesting to everyone who wants to plan a good vocation at low cost. On the other hand, a client is forced to spend more time on planning and organizing process, mastering new technology and computer skills.

The case of Expedia travel shows that in changing environment, the use of technology requires more problem solving skills and the ability to interpret data. Routine tasks requiring a low level of skill are disappearing fast. Used in conjunction with flexible planning, efficiency requires a customer’s participation in service delivery. Using this approach many firms adopted that principle understands it as clients’ participation in planning which have the potential to improve the quality of their work.

Any improvement here is said to be beneficial. Important in the above is the recognition that involvement of clients in examining problems and seeking to develop solutions is only one part of the efficiency approach. Moreover, all manner of developments and improvements are discussed in the context of the strategy that management has agreed upon in order to turn the company around. Through involvement of all parties and by bringing in new skills new ways of doing things are sought.

Ritzer’s concept of ‘efficiency’ shows that involvement of a customer/client in service delivery process helps companies to reduce operational costs and time. Ritzer underlines that a modern consumer pays for this privilege. Beyond this it is essential that customers are given a chance to seek out and develop cost-effective solutions.

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