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Consumer Society Is a Divided Society

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TMA 2 Consumption has great control on individual’s lives, the whole development, contemporary UK and the rest of the world. Consumer society is characterization used to explain a society that is defined by the way individuals acquire goods, how they use them and the disposal of these goods. (Hethering, 2009, p. 33). Consumption comprises of individual that acquire goods for personal use and those that acquire for manufacturing and resale. However Social Scientist comes in to try and analyse consumer behaviour when acquiring these goods. The question now is whether the consumer society is a divided society.

Some view consumer society as divided society and others see it as a society that acquires goods for personal use and that reflects personality and individuality. For some consumer society is not only about purchasing good for essesntial use but also as a way of trying to get a sense of belonging in society. Social Scientist Zygmun possed a question on whether the ability to be part of a consumer society was equally available to everyone. (need referencing. )Bauman’s concept of seduced and repressesd consumers visualise inequalities and differences created by a consumer society.

Bauman, claims that we live in a consumer society where divisions are entranched not by class, but by the economic ability to consume. (Hethering,2009,p. 25) Buman described the consumer society by dividing them into two group, the seduced and the repressed. The seduced being the weathy, highly paid professional. This group often run an expensive lifestyle, for example buying expensive houses, cars, designer clothes etc. The repressed as the ones that are not employed, on low paid jobs, the disabled and many others. Hethering,2009,p. 25). this concept in Bauman’s view reflects his understanding in consumer division.

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