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Summary of World Future Society

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The article entitled “World Future Society” talks on how the world economic system has made different countries interconnected with each other through the growth of the information and technology system.

Nowadays, the current trend of immense development within the field of information technology has outgrown all of the technological innovations from the past decades altogether. And as such, businesses across countries rely heavily on such developments in this field.

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However, despite these improvements and developments in the realm of information technology, this same field is also deemed as the probable reason of economic breakdown in the future.

The saturation in terms of market and development, the inevitable breakdown and its characteristic vulnerability to error may be experienced in the future in this field and will greatly affect how the system will work and how certain business enterprises will respond.

In addition, the development in this field will enormously put into jeopardy the individual talents that each person holds.

As such, though technological development may be one of the greatest achievements ever discovered by human beings, it still has downsides that the society must carefully watch out for.

Although it has been proven that through the years, technological innovations allowed for great changes and development in the society, too much reliance on it may be dangerous to the people in general.


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