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Maya’s Inspiration to Play Softball

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One rainy evening in Winnipeg, Manitoba at 5:46 pm on April 14‘" 1998, at Women's Hospital Maya was born. Maya has one older brother Jonathan she also has two dogs Max and Zoey. Some of Maya’s favorite things to do are playing softball. When Maya was born at first her parents wanted her to play soccer but she knew deep down inside softball was the sport she wanted to play this all started at the age of nine when Maya fell in love with softball. Maya was inspired to play softball by her friend Shawna. Before Maya tryed out for any team her and Mikayla would play softball in the backyard almost every day until the sun came down. In grade four is when Maya truly took the chance to go and actually play for a team with her friend.

For two years Maya played community c ball. Then the day came when Mikayla said that they should try out for A ball Maya was so excited. Maya made the team! When she heard the news she was so ecstatic she couldn't stop jumping up and down and screaming with joy this is where her dreams all started. Maya now plays for the Smitty Terminators they actually recently won provincials.

Mayas favorite thing about softball is hitting so much that when she hits the ball on the sweet spot of the bat and knows its going to be a good hit she says its a feeling that can't be compared to anything else. In addition, Maya favorite thing about baseball is also playing shortstop. Maya has got to travel to many beautiful places because of softball for example British Columbia, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Flordia.

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Maya actually won her tournament in British Columbia for the Westerns Canadian Championship in 2012. In the upcoming future some of Maya's goals are to win any of her state tournaments for instance Nationals also hopefully again to bring home the gold for provincials. The biggest goal Maya has set for herself is to get as a scholarship through a softball collage team. Her dream teams to be able to play for one day are Arizona Sun Devils or Alabama State. One day Maya wishes to be like David Ortiz from the red socks, she hopes to some day be able to as many home runs as he does. In conclusion I hope this helped you get to know my friend Maya

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