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A Comparison of Baseball and Softball in Their Respective Sports

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Is it baseball or softball? It is the smell of the grass, the swirling of the dust, and the crack of the bat that all signal the start of America's favorite pastime, baseball. Even With the popularity of baseball, girls' fast-pitch softball has competitively nipped at baseball's heels for the past few years. You have a bat, and a ball, and you are hoping for a home run, but which is it? Until now, you do not know because these two sports are similar, but they are not the same. A few major differences that separate baseball from softball is the field, the strategy and style, and the rules of the game. Even with the mixed opinions about the similarities and differences of the sports, one thing is for sure, people play the sport notiust for the personal satisfaction, but because they love it.

A major difference in baseball and softball is the field. For instance, in the game of baseball, the distance between each base is ninety feet, but in softball, the distance is sixty feet. For a base runner that extra thirty feet could be the difference between becoming safe or being out. Another difference between the two sports is the distance from the pitcher's mound to home plate. In softball, the distance between home plate and the pitcher‘s mound is a third less than in baseball, which is certainly a disadvantage for softball players. Softball batters usually have one to two seconds to decide whether to swing or not, but baseball batters have around three to four seconds.

This gives the baseball batter an additional two seconds to follow the pitcher's hand. and it is 2 much easier to find the release point of the ball from the pitcher. The last example of how the field is different between baseball and softball is the distance from the backstop behind home plate to the outfield fence. In baseball, this length can vary according to the team’s preference, but in most cases, the length of the field is approximately 410 feet. In softball, the distance from the backstop to the outfield fence must be between 200 and 210 feet. Therefore, playing on a softball field is to the hitter‘s advantage; because, if a ball was hit out over the fence it would be counted as a homerun in softball. but in baseball the batter would most likely have a double.

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The differences in the fields' of baseball and softball vary greatly. The strategy and styles in baseball and softball differentiate and distinguish the two sports from each other, One difference in the strategies between the two games is the mentality of preparing as well as the degree of relaxation during the game Coach Jodie Hallman. The head softball coach at Natchitoches Central High School states, "If we know it's going to be a tough game, we really prepare for it, but if we know it's going to be an easy game then the girls relax more." (Interview: Coach Jodie Hallman). The faction of practicing harder for a tougher team can be true for both the sports of baseball and softball. Another example of the differences in the styles of baseball and softball is the enthusiasm of the players.

If you have ever seen a girls’ softball game you would most likely think that they are exceptionally relaxed because they are more enthusiastic and get more into to it than guys do. They have an innumerable amount of cheers and a lot of spirit. "Softball is more fun to watch because they're entertaining. They cheer and get into it. Guys just sit and glare at the opposing team," said Hallman. (Interview: Coach Jodie Hallman). On the opposite end of the strategy, there is a difference in the weight of the bats used in baseball and softball. In baseball the weights of the bats typically range from about thirty-two to thirty-six ounces, but in softball, the bat 3 usually weighs between twenty and twenty-six ounces. Obviously, the lighter the bat the quicker it is, which in turn equals more hit balls. The sports of baseball and softball vary greatly In their strategy and styles of the game.

The rules of the game in baseball and softball are strikingly dissimilar. For example, in baseball the pitching motion is overhand, whereas, in softball the pitching motion is underhand. Another largely obsen/ant difference is the size of the baseball compared to the softball. The circumference of a baseball is nine inches, but the circumference of a softball is twelve inches, The difference in the size of the baseball and softball may be compared to the difference between an egg and a grape lruit. An example that shows the differences between the rules of baseball and softball is that of the rules of a runner. For instance, in a game of baseball, the runner does not have to go back to the base that he is at, he may take what is called a "lead-off", but in softball, the runner can never leave the base until the ball is released from the pitcher's hand.

Those are lost a few of the many examples of how the rules in baseball and softball differ. Although baseball may be America's favorite pastime, girls‘ fast-pitch softball is growing largely well-known. Both sports, which most people view as the same, have a bat, a ball, and a batter. but they are definitely not the same. It may be hard to tell, but there are afew major differences between baseball and softball such as the field. The strategy and style. and the rules of the game that show strikingly dissimilar these two sports actually are. Even though baseball and softball may commonly confuse a person, as to which is which, one thing is for sure, they are both fun to watch and play.

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