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Material Culture and Dignity of Women

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This is an interview on allegedly loss of dignity experienced by a family which has undergone social change because of material culture (technology).

The advancement of technical know-how nowadays has resulted to various constructive and destructive consequences. In this particular case, the sociological family problem refers to chatting on the Internet, a hobby or interest which has undoubtedly become a money-making venture to some women.

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Thus, according to its breadwinner and head of the family interviewed, his daughter has lost her dignity for chatting on the Internet just to earn money from foreigners who are willing to pay just so their desires are met.

What is of major concern in this scenario is the issue on moral values, poverty and gender sensitivity perhaps. In the society in general today, chatting in the Internet is considered unethical for the very reason that the intention of doing it is for money. Self-respect is being sacrificed and is deemed vanished in the process. Most of us value money, status, personal fulfillment, and freedom… (Ursery, 2002).

The second key point is poverty. Half the world — nearly three billion people — live on less than two dollars a day (Shah, 2007). The case family was categorized as economically challenged and was really having difficulty looking for income-generating activities. This was seen as the main motive why the daughter engaged in chatting on the Internet.

Finally, the third contention is gender sensitivity. Getting paid for chatting in the Internet has generally devastating effects on the identity of women. Some view is as degrading to females as if they are merely “objects” for gratification in whatever form required by men who take advantage of such services.

From a personal perspective, chatting on the Internet as a material culture and a growing trend for easy money should not be tolerated for it corrupts the value of women. There are other ways of earning through respectable and decent means.

Poverty cannot be used as an excuse to engage in amoral acts though it is not a sin to try to raise one’s standard of living. It is not fair for other women in making generalizations that women are merely “objects of gratification” or “objects of desire and malicious intent.” Women are seen to be a sensitive and fragile creature that is why they should be preserved and respected.

Culture may consist of attitudes, beliefs, customs, traditions, art and achievements of society that are passed on to each generation (“Emeralds,” n.d.). It is often said that culture, material culture (technology), is learned and adapted from one’s environment. Computers are thought to be one of man’s greatest inventions. In this 21st century, or the Computer Age, everything operates using these electronic devices in information, communication, and telecommunication domestically and internationally.

Socializing by learning this cyber-culture is not bad but it should be used properly and for the right purposes without forgoing morality standards. Incorporating them in our lives is a not abrupt but is done gradually through stages and adjustment is vital in the process.

In conclusion, chatting on the Internet for money is not an acceptable practice no matter how prevalent it is at present. The daughter’s way of earning is not a dignified thing to do. Moral values, poverty and gender sensitivity are key points to consider in all our undertakings. Material culture (technology) is beneficial but precautions must be taken so as not to abuse it.


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Material Culture and Dignity of Women essay

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