Marketing Plan: Marigold

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Product Appropriate research will be done ahead of time by Marigold. It can help Marigold to be able to assess the market and the products that selling is really in demand or not. Hence, Marigold will maintain the fresh quality and unique flavor Juices drinks to meet the health-conscious customers. Besides, marigold will also emphasize the fresh milk for the milk lovers. As a result, Marigold can provide the value for their customers. . Price By assessing what people can spend for some products and analyzing the buying tatters, Marigold is intelligently to use the Bundle Pricing Strategies in Argentina market. This strategy is very popular seen in supermarkets products. Marigold will set an affordable price with buy two get discount method. The end gold of strategy is to increase Marigold profitability. 3. Place Place is how Marigold navigate the products for the customers.

Marigold will distribute its products to supermarket, convenient store, vending machines, restaurants and even school because these place are the potential market for Marigold Company to place their products. 4. Promotions Promotions cover four areas which are Advertising, Personal Selling, public relations and Sales Promotions. The goal of the Marigold advertising campaign is to increase the brand presence in the consumer's consideration set which means consumers will consider Marigold when deciding fruits Juices drink.

Marigold will promote value pack in the beginning stage because consumers are very fresh to touch the products. Besides, Marigold Company will also provide buy two with 10% off to benefit customers as well. In long term, Marigold will launch a package with three different labor Juices drink in one pack to satisfy consumers unique flavor requirements. 5. People People are essential ingredient in service provision so recruiting and training the right employees is required to create a competitive advantage (Learn Marketing, n. . ). Marigold will hire the employees to do things effective in machine controlling. Also, Marigold hires the experience employees and provides training to them to make sure that the company is having the strong production line so can serve the fresh drinks to the end users. Marigold will "Invest in People" because employees are presenting your company. Employees is having appropriate interpersonal skills, attitude and service knowledge in order to deliver a quality service and products. . Physical Evidence Marigold will sell its products in Supermarket, Hypermarket, convenient stores and restaurants. But as we know that all of these big retailers are selling much kind of drinks so Marigold will come out a characteristic design for its shelf in those places. Firstly, Marigold will design its shelf colorful and with white background. Also, Marigold will design different color shelf according to its different drinks.

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It is because the characteristic shelf can bring out the uniquely looks in customers mind. 7. Process Process is the system that company used to deliver the service to the customers. Marigold service is actually underpinned by clearly defined and efficient processes and promotes a consistent service. Imagine that if a customer walks in a convenient store to find Marigold drinks and the store is able to provide the product for the customer and the customer can obtain an efficient service delivery.

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