My Risky Adventure

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My Risky Adventure For my topic, I chose to write about my most recent risky adventure. Two summers ago, my Spanish teacher put together an educational field trip to Costa Rica. We saw new things that we have never seen before. We also did things that none of us had ever done before. The scenery there was breathtaking. Most of all, the overall experience was very educational. I recommend everyone to travel out of the United States if they ever get the chance to. There are things in Costa Rica that I have never seen before. I saw my first jelly fish and got stung by many jelly fish that day.

We went snorkeling off the coast of Costa Rica; it was simply amazing until I felt a sting on my ankle; I looked down and there it was a jelly fish. I will never forget that day. Costa Rica is also crowded by many volcanoes. I had never seen a volcano in person until we visited Costa Rica. The forest there is completely different also: it is much greener. Everything there is green, not like a deep forest green, but a bright, live green. It was beautiful. The trees there are huge, not only in length but also in width. Even the flowers are different there: they are all colors of the rainbow.

The colors are more vivid and smell so much sweeter than the flowers back home. There are things that I also have never done before until I visited Costa Rica. First of all, I have never traveled outside of the United States. I discovered the officials of are very strict on how they allow things through customs. One of the most exciting things we did while there was riding a zip line, a zip line is where you start at the very top of something and rides it all the way down while being hooked in a harness. We went on a zip line through the tropical forest, from the canopies all the way down to the very bottom.

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There was wildlife all around us; we were going so fast everything looked like it was being fast-forward. All of the colors ran together, mostly it looked like a green blur. Also along the zip line we saw monkeys, birds, and other exotic animals. I also went to my first club. It wasn’t what I expected by no means, it was most of a fiesta type party. We learned how to salsa and do other types of traditional dances there. Another fun thing we did was jump off a cliff by a water fall. It was not only the funniest thing I have ever done in my life but also the scariest.

The water was so cold it felt like I was surrounded by a million ice cubes. The scenery there is just amazing. Everything is so colorful, from the green tropical forest to the bright vivid color flowers. There is every color of the rainbow, and there are flowers of every color imaginable. The ocean there is a bright crystal blue, the type of blue you can only imagine. In the far end of town you can see a line of mountains and volcanoes. The colors all work together, from the brightest of colors to dullest of the ashy grey mountains. The beauty is breath-taking but so is the poverty.

Everywhere you walked there were people on the side of the road. Not only were there humanbeings without a home and food but also animals. The last thing I am going to talk about from my experience is that it was very educational. I took Spanish for two years and I finally had the chance to actually use what I learned in class. We had to order everything in Spanish. Our tour guide made us speak to him in Spanish even though he spoke English. We learned a lot about what their lifestyles consisted of: how they prepared a meal, how they danced, and how they lived.

When you go from the way you have been living your whole life to a completely different country, it makes you open your eyes to what you actually have and how lucky you do have it. In Costa Rica it really opened the world up to me: there are people out there lucky to just get one meal a day, while here we usually just throw our scraps away. I saw people digging out of the dumpster so that they could just get that one meal that day. It is very educational when you leave a place wanting to change the world and make it a better place.

In conclusion, Costa Rica is the most risky adventure that I have ever taken inmy life. I was taken outside of my comfort zone and placed into a whole different world. Everything I knew here in America was nothing alike in Costa Rica. The things that I saw and the things that I have accomplished just because I decided to take a risky adventure out of the country is life changing. It made me realize just how different things are outside of our homes. I would never look back and regret going to Costa Rica. This was simply an amazing experience. If you ever get the change to go, I completely recommend it.

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