Marketing Plan and Strategy for Omni Hotel

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The hotel has been in operation for twenty years and has seen growth for the last twenty years. This is a brief summary of the marketing plan that will see the hotel for the next fifteen years.

Executive Summary

Omni Hotel is located at CNN and is a reputable for her services to both locals and visitors. For the last five years we have seen our sales grow to over ten million dollars.

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Our main objectives are to increase sales by 10% and achieve a net profit of USD 4,000,000 by 2010. We also intent to maintain our sales at growth rate of 10% before expanding our market and putting up a new hotel.

Marketing Related Plan

The Hotel intends to raise extra funds from finance institutions for its expansion policy and upgrade some of its services. The hotel being registered as a corporate in the US, it is intending also to float some its shares in the stock exchange. This will give the hotel a good name.

Marketing Strategy

In order for us to achieve these objectives, Omni Hotel has hired well respected Advertising consultants to assist us in marketing our services to the locals and visitors. We have allocated to them $100,000 for marketing. We have also designed our website and put our services for all visitors to the website. The consultant has recommended to us the following in order to achieve our corporate goals.

a)In order for us to reach our corporate goals, an Executive retreat for big corporates in Atlanta should be planned. After the retreat we shall make a follow-up and request them to be using our facilities when planning corporate meetings.

b)      To advertise our products in print media and television advertising, covering the Atlanta area, we shall also use mail flyers and catalogues to assist us expand.

c)We shall put billboards on major highways and flyers in tourist’s attraction areas in Atlanta.

d)     We shall also put our hotel in yellow pages adverts.

Target Market

Atlanta area and its environs host more than 5 million tourists each year, many of whom stay on our town. Atlanta is also a home of world known soft drink producer that attracts most tourists and other visitors to the company. We are also targeting international markets by entering strategic alliances with other hotels in Canada and Mexico.

Mission Statement

Omni Hotel mission is to provide best quality services to residents, visitors and tourists and expand to other parts of the country and world through acquisition, mergers and other alliances. Our goal is to do so in a profitable and socially sensitive manner.

Corporate Goals

Our corporate goals are to expand through acquisition, mergers and takeover in various parts of world. We also have a desire to maximize profits and be socially responsible.

Corporate Philosophy

Omni Hotel philosophy is to be the best hotel in Atlanta and attract major corporate customers.

Sales, Advertising and Promotion

Our main objective to increase our sales volume to a level that will sustain us for a period of fifteen years and this is through a study growth rate of 10% for the next 10 years. To be able to achieve this we need to be able to make sales of $ 20 million per annum. This will be possible through proper advertising and promotional activities.

We have hired a renowned consultant in advertising to give us insights on how to advertise and have good promotional techniques. The consultants has advised us to make advertisement in television, offer executive retreat for corporate clients, put billboards and one page flyers in tourist attraction areas.

Marketing Research

We have carried a telephone survey and coupon filing research which indicated that most people in town will wish to eat our hamburger. Most people spend their lunch hour in hotels and most visitors know the CNN place making our hotel more strategic for them to stay there while in town.

Those people who visit our hotel for accommodation will wish to have full board and be taken out by the hotel vehicle.

Public Relation and Customer Service

We have very attentive customer care staff and all customers complaints are taken care of and all questions answered.

Our services are customer tailored that is an order is processed per customer specifications.

Once the customer complain has been received it is handed to customers service officer who forwards to the concerned departments.


Our services are priced at a reasonable rate which is acceptable by our customers. The prices are not too high or too low but meeting the customers needs and satisfaction.

Desired Market Share

Omni Hotel market share is expected to grow by 10% this as compared to industrial growth rate. This is possible through the promotional and advertising strategy used. This will assist us to have 20% of executive meetings being held in our hotel.

Strategic Alliance

We intend to co-operate with tour guide companies so as they bring their clients to our hotels, we are also liaising with airlines to assist us in capturing incoming customers.


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