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Marketing and Hypermarkets Elf Urban

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What is the perceptual map for the gas station companies in France (Elan, Elf, Total, and the hypermarkets)? What would be the two dimensions you would use to best describe the portfolio of brands that Total Group has in its market? I would use Convenience and price to describe the portfolio of brands.  Based on the perceptual map, propose a set of marketing actions, beyond those that have been mentioned, that should be used by Total brand.

Use the 4Ps framework to propose these actions and link each action to the CVF framework. I would definitely sell cosmetics such as toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, Lotion; In addition to phone cards; Moreover I would add a first aid section where customers could find temporary relieve from any minor physical discomfort. They link to the consumption process of the customer in the situational influences of the CVF. Consequently, Total could expand the partnership distribution with Elan and Elf considering how great they are doing with the French grocery retailer and bonjour.

It would be great cost benefit with the consumption process of the CVF.  What are the things that may build utilitarian and hedonic value when customers go for a gas station? Describe how an Elf store might increase value in customers’ shopping experience. Things that may build utilitarian value are buying food to consume, getting gas, a car wash, putting air on tire, getting the car fixed. Things that may build hedonic value are price of gasoline or products, quality of the products, and having a reason to compare a preference for a personal brand immediately after purchase.

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Elf store may increase customer value by providing low prices compare to the other gas stations, accessibility and convenience is also a big factor, and making sure that each customer get a pleasant experience.  What are the marketing segments that each store is trying to cover? What are the fundamental benefits that consumers in each of those segments are seeking when choosing a gas station? Do you think Total Group has done a good job identifying market segments and appealing to these segments? Are some segments left unserved by Total? Elan covers the rural market segment where competition is less dense, which customers seek.

Elf covers the price-sensitive segment, a suburban market in addition to hypermarkets where customers seek low price, fast service, and competitive location. Total covers the urban, convenience-oriented market segment where customers seek higher product assortment, high performance gas, feelings of spaciousness and full range car services. So far, I think total is doing a great job identifying and appealing market segments. Yes, some segments have failed; the rural, convenience-oriented market, which would have brought less competition and raise revenues.

Marketing and Hypermarkets Elf Urban essay

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