KFC Marketing Segmentation: Overview

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Geographic: The perfect place for KFC to do business is in the city because people are gathered there including people from the countryside. So the busiest blocks where there are people passing by 24 hours a day are KFC’s targets. Moreover, by positioning the store in the capital city Phnom Penh and a touristic city as Siem Reap, KFC can benefit from the excessive amount of labor force and a less expense on delivering raw material to each branch. Beside targeting the city as its distributing place, KFC also looks for the place that is near schools and shopping center.

Most students who are just finished their classes will feel exhausted and starved so they will seek for the nearest and fastest food supply available around them. In Cambodia, people usually go to the shopping center to do window-shopping or just hanging around with friends. The only thing that they most likely to buy is food which is tasted differently from the everyday meal they always have so the best choice for them is fast food and the new menu that KFC brought. (find the prove , all KFC location and the result compare to the one which don’t)

Demographic: A worldwide restaurant like KFC is targeting people in all nationalities. All age groups are KFC customers but the most beneficial one is 15-64 years old, which held a largest proportion in Cambodia’s population. Most teenagers at the age of 15, high school student, are mostly likely to attract to KFC because of their taste preferences and the willing to pay. Even if they don’t get their own income, they get the allowance from their parents. As they are not the one who works, money to them is easy to find and to spend.

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For middle age people who are becoming more and more hectic day by day will most probably turn to have lunch outside. Therefore KFC has developed a menu that consist rice and chicken, which is suitable for this white-collar worker. For those baby boomers and late adults who enjoy time with their grandchildren always fulfill the kids suggestion so KFC designed a family set and offer many souvenir like a cup, plate, and toy to attract the children. Besides segmenting the customer according to their age groups, KFC also consider the religious like Muslim groups.

The only fast food restaurant that Muslims can go is KFC. According to their religious belief Muslims are allowed to eat the food that contain halal sign. By having these additional groups, KFC has bigger market than its competitors. As we all know, more than 40% of the Cambodian population is still covered by poverty, which means that 40% of the population has low income and fried chicken at KFC is pretty expensive so KFC’s targets are people with middle class income.

Psychographic: The customers that KFC are interested are people who likes going out with their families and friends and also people who likes to experience new foods and taste. Judging from the place KFC located, they also target people who like to eat after school and people who like to shop. Behavioral: KFC sells more at the weekends. People also go to KFC after they finish their exam or just leave their workplace after finish a hard project. KFC to them is like a place where they can gather and make a small party. Because of the new Free Wifi, KFC is becoming like a cafe where people come and discuss and relax.

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