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Marketing Segmentation

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Core benefits : Core benefit is the major benefit or satisfaction that customers are looking from a good or service one buys. This benefit can be happen from person to person. The Cassowaries watch that we produced provides convenience as well usefulness. The watch aims to improve in style and increases the functions of normal analog watch. In 21st century, the watch exist not only to Just to know about the time, but it can be a part of accessory for people to wear it and be more stylish and fashionable.

Moreover, with this multipurpose product, it will enhance your fashion sense and reflection. Actual Product : Actual product is the physical parts of the product like benefits and features that affects to customers who purchase our product. In this level, there are four strategies which involve branding, adding features, organizations and benefits. Also that combines to deliver a product with specified benefits to our customers. The Cassowaries watch already has gone through for the testing before it actually launch.

The functions and designs are further modified to give more satisfaction and fulfill the expectations for customers. The actual benefit that added to our product is a WI-if function. This WI-FL function will allow our customers to use WI-FL through their smart phones. Basically, the watch has same facility as router. It requires customers to log in to our Cassowaries watches website to register, to make a simple contract between customers and our company which allows them to able to use Wi-FL by paying a usage fee per month.

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Marketing Segmentation

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Also, we came out with this system that those who register with premium members, they will be able to have luxury to get a free usage of a WI-FL for a week. Definitely the premium registration is more costly, but we are sure that the customers will satisfy with this contract and they will not regret to use our product. Last but not least, we make our watch to be more useful and multi-function. Our watch can be turned into a necklace. The chain of the watch can be removed from the face of the watch and the new chain for the necklace which given upon purchase, an be re- clipped in the watch.

So it can be a necklace as well. The chain is made of jewels for watch, light material and few Jewels for necklace chain as to prevent the tiring in neck due to a heavy weight of chain. It will make the customers more fashionable as well as stylish. Augmented Product : Augmented product is a commodity that has both the primary physical attributes and the non-physical attributes that are added to increase the product's value such as after sales service.

After purchase, we measure the wrist size and adjust the length f chain in the spot for our customers as well as neck size. And so, they are able to wear it right after they purchase. We have total 3 years warranty and guidance booklet will be given for customers who are not clear of using it. There is a website for them to check about our products and Q and A sessions with customer service. Conclusion : Promoting a new product will never be an easy work as the competition is tough and most of customers have high expectations in modern society.

It will not be that successful to Just have colorful appearance. What we need is to target correct group of people in right time at the correct place and to focus more on satisfying their needs and wants. However, we will not be able to get a competitive advantage by Just satisfying them over our competitors. Looking forward and predict the needs and wants is the epitome method to gain competitive advantage from our competitors. Http://www. Neurotransmitter. Com/lesson-store/lesson-three-levels-of-a-product. HTML

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