Managing Profitable Customer Relationships

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Hardly Davidson has massive engines for motorbikes and has been known to have a friendly relationship with its customers. The company sponsors different motorbike events during which they are able to display modern bikes and their accessories. The brand name has a great reputation and has brought together riders and have welfare benefits for its members. The company has enhanced their rapport through regular communication through the internet. The riders have formed an international network attachment as well as local dealership to enhance their services.

The company motivates its customers or riders by giving them pinstops which identify them with the company and so doing create pride of membership. Performance related programs on mileage for those enrolled leads to an advantage in terms of priority in accessing the best accessories for one’s bike.

Harley company has been accepted in different countries and its members can rent and ride in countries such as Canada, Australia and the United States. The company has built a good reputation and has a great bond with its numerous customer needs.

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What are the key elements of Harley-Davidson’s efforts to build relationship with its customers?

The key elements in Harley-Davidson are the involvement of customers in not being just customers but also being dealers. There is customer participation in events sponsored by the company. Membership creates a sense of belonging and enhances the attachment to the company while good communication through the internet connects the company to its customers. Presence of welfare schemes such as sponsorship to events and insurance services motivates the customers.

Can you think of other companies that create such strong relationships with their customers? How do they do that?

NASCAR which is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing has created a lasting customer relationship through a careful blend of live racing events, compelling web sites with information and entertainment, ensures ample security and organizes parties, cook outs and camps with family members. This creates a friendly environment that enriches the company-to-customer relationship.

The Unilever company has created a good relationship through high standards of corporate behavior towards the employees, customers and the society. It is involved in community development activities and this extension of their services to the society attracts more customers. The company has also offered voluntary counseling and testing programs in support of the community. It has also set goals to evaluates the HIV/AIDS roadmap with strategic approaches to reaching out to its customers. A follow up plan for comprehensive care and treatment is organized so that customers are convinced that the company’s objective is to render them the service and the good gesture goes along way in maintaining a good relationship.

Offering of medicines at subsidized rates has led to the growth of the company and the humanitarian activities have extended to the provision of health insurance covers.

How else can Harley-Davidson build or deepen its relationships with its customers?

Harley Davidson can deepen its relationship by offering medical checkups for the riders before and after an event, a welfare scheme for the member’s next of kin to participate  for future customers as well as training facilities for those aspiring to be good riders.


To enhance profitable customer relationships, it is important that there is customer involvement and participation in the activities of the company.

A good rapport is enhanced through welfare schemes for members to cater for important services such as medical and insurance covers. Good communication between the two parties gives feedbacks and this helps the company in providing the best quality of service.


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