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Managing physical resources

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The general manager position indicates highest position and overall responsibility lies upon the General Manager. The general managers will have competitive basic salary with potential career with various allowances.

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Managing physical resources

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. The General Manager is required to reporting to the Committee.

RELATED TITLES The general manager can also be termed with the following titles:

1. Golf & Country Club General Manger

2. Golf Club General Manager

3. Director of Golf and General Manager

4. General Manager

5. Chief Operating Officer

6. Golf Operation General Manager

7. Golf Course Maintenance General Manager


The General Manager should have approach for health and fitness besides understand to manage the golf business. The managing the business includes sales and service with outstanding customer service. The experience of general manager must address to find and implement number of different revenue streams.

The job of general manager is challenging role with an output of healthy profits besides to improve revenue generation on food and beverages. The person must have passion of golf and have an understanding of golf culture. The duties of the general manager include golf club operations, other operations such as spa, fitness, tennis operations etc.Limitations and constraints of marketing


The person who is seeking for the post of General Manager should be qualified and able to perform the day-to-day operations of the management including the following tasks:

Conducting the meetings

1. Providing effective communication to all levels such as staff, colleagues, other managers, golfers and other general public.

2. Giving brief to the teams, managers and golfers

3. Budget management as well as finance related matters

4. Providing training to the staff.

5. Determining golf course development policies

6. Managing physical resources

7. Evaluation and development of golf courses

8. Able to make decisions and recommendations in connection with Employment Law, Health and Safety Act and Accountancy Law.

9. Attending Committee meetings

10. Enforce the Club Rules

11. Ensure the update developments in Club Management and in the Golf Industry.

12. Maintaining public relations and other liaison duties external as well as internal.


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