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You are the Chief Executive of World Wide (Illegal) Drugs Inc. Chart the growth of your business over the past twenty years and outline a strategy for its continuing prosperity over the next twenty years. Why have the authorities found it difficult to close you down and will they pose a bigger threat to you in the future? I am a very respected man in my surroundings. People know me, and consider it a privilege knowing me. I never thought that this would happen to me, I didn't have an easy childhood but I fought hard and now am a very rich and powerful man.

To win in our society, I had to pass though an illegal passageway, and that passageway for me was illegal drugs. Ask me why and I'll answer you that the law of business says that wherever there is demand there must be supply, and it is the supplier that will win especially when demand grows. I became the supplier, and I won. I am now the Chief Executive of World Wide Illegal Drugs Inc. My plan is to continue with the business that I've set up; money for me is no longer an issue, I want to provide money for the generations to come in my family, I never want them to endure what I have endured in the past.

They shall be born rich and shall die rich. You can talk about illegality and stealing peoples lives because of my drugs, but in our society either you're born lucky and live a good life, or you're born unlucky and have to do whatever possible to get out of that life. Society decides in which category you shall be placed. I shall tell you my story, showing how my business increased over the past twenty years and how I shall help it increase even more in the future. My name is Joe Wood but in the business they call me Senor Jose. I was born in 1960 in the slums of San Diego, and lived there with my mother and three sisters.

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As you can probably gather from my name I am an American, but I learnt Spanish very quickly both as a result of living with mostly Hipics and from school, it was the only subject in which I was interested. From a very young age I was surrounded by drugs; in the streets I would see the older boys deal them in broad daylight and I soon realised what kind of money was involved in this business. These kids dealt cannabis and soon were able to buy themselves a car, and along with the cars came the girls. I grew older and at the age of fifteen started dealing cannabis. It was the same year that my mother died. Also read Ibong Adarna analysis

One year later I moved onto dealing cocaine in the streets with my best friend Carlos; at first we didn't know where the cocaine came from but we soon learnt that it was being shipped over from Colombia. One day Carlos was selling in the streets and he got into an argument with an addict who pulled out a knife and stabbed Carlos eight times. This changed my dealing perception; I no longer wanted to deal small quantities in the street to aggressive druggies, I wanted business to become bigger and faster. My supplier gave me my chance by giving me larger quantities to sell off; and I managed to sell these to richer men in larger quantities.

There were always businessmen who were looking for some blow for a party and these deals seemed easier and cheaper to pull off: the deals no longer happened in the streets but in houses or even at some times in offices. I started to earn quite a bit of money and I was soon employing kids to deal in the streets, I wanted to create a monopoly in my part of San Diego. Business grew as did my reputation; I had the best cocaine in the city and everybody wanted some. At the age of twenty one I lived in a nicer part of the city, but I still wanted more, I wanted a deal that would be big, something that would change my life.

One day that year it happened, I received a phone call inviting me down to a business meeting in Colombia with a very important man who I shall call Juan. It was Juan's cocaine that I had been dealing in San Diego and he had soon realised that the business that I was doing was good both for me and for him. There was a big potential market on the west coast of the USA and Juan's plan was to put me in charge of this area. The only difference would be that I would have to find a way to import the cocaine into the country because the Colombian authorities were keeping an eye on Juan.

I found a way around the borders which involved a plane and a good idea, and started importing pure cocaine into the United States. It was at this time that my proper business started growing. I purchased a farmyard where the pure cocaine was to be treated. The cocaine was turned into powder and was shipped all over California where I had contacts who would distribute it to the clients. Money poured in, the market price for cocaine in Colombia was $1000 per kilogram but I bought it for $700 (DEA, 2001). In the States it was sold between $10000 and $36000 depending on the quantity bought and the purity of the cocaine (NDEOA, 1998).

If you wanted to make good business you would have to find good clients who you know would come back for more. I started selling my products to American dealers, and the ones who tried to cross me over were disposed of. There is no pity in this business; most problems are resolved through means of violence. You and your men are the judge and the jury, if there is a problem you have to make a quick decision and make sure that this problem never occurs again. I never took cocaine. In order to do business correctly you have to keep your mind straight. I often took trips back to Colombia to meet up with Juan and to discuss how business was going.

Every time that I went back I would meet up with new people who were also in the business, and these people became my friends. I had managed to dominate the cocaine market on the west coast in one and a half years and had started to spread out over the whole of the USA. Juan sent men in to get rid of our rivals without my consent, but it only meant larger markets for us. By 1985 I got bored of cocaine and I realised that the market for cannabis was growing very rapidly, although most people seemed to think that the period had ended with the fall of the hippies.

I talked about it with Juan, who set me up with a Brazilian. This was my first independent business deal, I was the boss and there was nobody behind me to tell me what to do. I bought cannabis straight off farmers all over South America and started up a new business in the States. Very soon I had taken control of the whole drug market in USA, I was selling both cocaine and cannabis all around the country and nobody seemed to be asking any questions. I had become a very wealthy man in his late twenties, and I started thinking about expanding my business to the rest of the world.

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