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Participative Management versus Authoritarian Management

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A manager may need to take on various styles of management with respect to the many variables that may affect a company’s day to day activity. Some of these variables may be the manager’s role in the organization, his ability to lead as well as the ability of his subordinates to work efficiently and effectively. The most common manner in which to distinguish which style a leader should adopt in various situations are two folds. The first is the degree of emotional/relationship dependence that the employees have with their leader/manager and the second is the degree dependence in terms of the job or the task that they have to do.

This however, is just one, very basic and simple way to categorize management styles. It seems to ignore the various other variables that have a profound effect on leadership such as the interpersonal skills or the ability to handle different types of people of a manager. It excludes the different company, culture, and element of diversity of its people. The research report on hand is intended to primarily focus on two management styles. They are Participative & Authoritarian management styles.


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One cannot underestimate the importance of different management styles in their ability to derive up motivation and increase employee morale. A work environment wherein an employee feels that his input/job will have a profound impact on the success of the company will ultimately feel more in control with a heightened sense of responsibility towards his actions. This increased sense of empowerment will allow them to feel more in twined and more committed to the success/failure of the organization.

More committed employees will ultimately reduce employee turnover and allow the organization to save many costs that they would have otherwise incurred in recruiting, selecting, hiring and finally training new employees. Research Focus: The primary research focus of the research report lay in understanding the differences between the two approaches with respect to how they may affect a manager’s ability to motivate and better lead the employees as well as to understand to which degree each leadership style affects a company’s productivity and increases employee efficiency.

Participative Management versus Authoritarian Management essay

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Is authoritarian or participatory management better for your team?

Some teams may find authoritarian leadership more helpful, while others may prefer a more collaborative approach. To figure out which style of management is best for your team, read about the key differences in authoritarian leadership and participatory management below.

What is a participative management style?

As opposed to an autocratic management style, where the manager assumes operational control and makes all the decisions unilaterally, a participative manager asks for input from team members and considers all opinions to find workable solutions to business problems and implement them to meet deadlines.

What is the difference between authoritarian leadership and participative leadership?

Authoritarian leadership means that followers are directed b y leaders who give instructions to pe rform a certain task. Affiliative leadership tries to create a friendly relationship between leader and its followers. Participative leadership means commitment. Pacesetting leadership is focused on high expectations based on different examples

What is participparticipative management?

Participative management offers all employees opportunities to contribute to workplace policies and decisions that achieve business goals while promoting career satisfaction. As opposed to an autocratic management style, where the manager assumes operational control and makes all the decisions unilaterally,

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