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In the era of rapid technology changes lead to mass production, operation management and quality management connected more and more closely in business operation today. Quality management is one of the most important aspects of operation management The aim of this report is to critically analyze Based on the separate analysis and case study provided below, it is clear to see that these five performances are considerably interacted with each other. In general, quality contributes to speed, cost and dependability and makes them work efficiently. And quality of products and services lays a solid foundation to the success of organisation.

In the mean time, flexibility makes all efforts to save time and maintain dependability as well. Therefore, the more operation managers truly understand the above 5 performance and apply it properly and precisely into business operations, the greater chance he or she will be successful in their careers. And the organisation that focuses on the proper approach to achieve 5 performances is by all means to make huge profits in the long run. In the 21st century's dynamic and competitive business environment, how to effectively manage a diverse workforce is increasingly impacted by international considerations.

An awareness of and sensitivity to the differing modus operandi of businesses and people around the world is imperative. From this sense, work relationship significantly plays a vital role in human-being's social life. As a result of, properly identifying, analyzing, and addressing the issues in the work place are one of the key skills of the supervisors or managers. According to the "Markwell FE College" case study, from the organizational behaviour percept, it is mainly covers three topics, in terms of Leadership and Management, Managing conflict and People and Change.

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Therefore, the author will critically analysis this case based on those three topics and how it is applied in this case. Likewise, indetify and measure the gaps in this case provided as well. At the end, recommendations for addressing the issues with suggested ownership for the improvement of each problem in the order of priority. The scenario In "Markwell FE College" case, in the past the central administration and records department was the most sociable and efficiency run office within "Markwell FE College".

However, in recent summer holidays, something happened. The newly appointed college director - Paul Rennie, had made some important decisions which affected a number of employees in a significant fashion, and it led the group and organizational problems as well. These problems considerably influenced this college in the short and long term run. In this organization, from the author's point of view, there are at least 4 people management issues are touched as followed, the listed 3 topics are selected for further detail analysis and the rest is generally displayed.

The aim of this paper presents a critically analysis of the "Markwell FE College" case, since currently this college is being experiencing to restructuring the underlying central records system. However, by utilising this new system, there are some negative issues occurred; in order to properly solve these problems, and build cohesive and efficiency driven force within this organization in the short and long term, the author adopted some authority theories and carefully applied them within this case study.

1 Leadership and management Laurie J. Mullins (1996, p246) noted that 'leadership is vitally important at all levels within the company, from main board to the shopfloor. Leadership is the moral and intellectual ability to visualise and work for what is best for the company and its employees... The most vital thing the leader dose is to creat team spirit around him and near him, not in a schoolboy sense, but in realistic terms of mature adults... To be effective leadership has to be seen, and it is best seen in action'.

The definition and interpretation about leadership's meaning are vairous, there is no clear or agreed definition about what is exactly leadership mean. Therefore, to generalise about leadship, the essence point which Laurie J. Mullins (1996, p246) claimed that 'a leadership is a relationship through which one person influences the behaviour or actions of other people'. From the author's point of view, generally, if Paul still interpreted leadship style as current, it may enhance more stress and conflicts within this college.

Such as records office staffs can not concentrate to deal with their routine jobs, more compliants may happened continously. Thus, hold a meeting with the central office staffs, give the opportinity to them to speak out and try to find the properly solution immediately. Problems in long term run to the college: In a long term, the central records office staff may still can not implement the new system very well, since the essential training is not under Paul's consideration. At the same time, if Bill Whyte really transferred to central records office, it may leads Louise and Paul's conflict degree increase rapidly.

And these conflicts mays involve in other departments within this college. Therefore, as a good leader for right now and in the future, Paul should has the ability to perceive, integrate, understand and reflectively manage one's own and other people's feelings, try to apply win - win strategy within his organization. 3. 2 Managing conflict According to Lynette J. Hoy, 'Conflict is a natural disagreement resulting from individuals or groups that differ in attitudes, beliefs, values or needs.

It can also originate from past rivalries and personality differences. Other causes of conflict include trying to negotiate before the timing is right or before needed information is available'. (http://www. ctic. purdue. edu/KYW/Brochures/ManageConflict. html). Conflict is inevitable within organisations. As long as organizations are composed of and operated by human beings, there will be conflict. When such conflict is recognized, acknowledged and managed in a proper manner, organizational benefits will accrue.

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