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Strategic plan and objectives in the Apple Corporation emphasise on social and quality reponsiblities through a standards of management systems that designed to ensures successful strategic processes through internal and external situations. The core principles in the strategic processes are mission and objectives, environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation and control.

Mission statement of Apple is to do business that provide safe working conditions, treat employee with dignity and respect, use enviornmentally responsible manufacturing process, commit to a comprehensive Supplier Code of Conduct, integrating health and safety management practices, offer technological innovative products and services, and bring best personal computing experiences to students, educators, and consumers around the globe.

Enviornmental scanning is a way to minimize the impact of the company products have on the enviornment.

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Company has a comprehensive policy that is aimed to make products more energy effcient, reduce toxic substances usage, and allocate renewable energy in manufacturing. In 2009, the company presented a comprehensive calculations of total carbon footprint, which includes manufacturing process, transportion and distribution, methods for customer use, commuting alternatives to company employees, and environmental reports for every product.

Strategy formulation for Apple is the sole durablity, irreplicable assets, non-transerable image and loyalty of the company.

Since competitive performance-production cost, quality, product and process technology, and global market is greatly inferior to its other rivals, the only opportunity for survival was to pursue a strategy founded upon Apple’s image advantage, while simultaneously minimising Apple’ disadvantages in other capabilities.

Marketing strategy involved extending the appeal of the Apple image of individuality from its traditional customer group (tech savvy, graphic designers) to more a general, young professional types.

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