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Macroeconomic measures

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Organization’s data is vital and has to be protected. This data should have relation with macroeconomic measures for success and effectiveness of the organization. Macroeconomic measures are closely coordinated with organization data for the organization to flourish. This coordination should comprise of efforts in stabilizing exchange rates and leading ultimately. Not only in organization data where microeconomic measures have an impact but also in economy as a whole in changes like unemployment, rate of growth, national income, price levels, gross domestic products and inflation.

Using macroeconomic measures organization data helps in determining how well the organization is satisfying its customers. Management is in a position to determine how close organization’s target is. The organization is in a position to track its accomplishment. Through macroeconomic measures and organization’s data, it is possible recognize when an improvement is required and tracking use of resources and how effectively they are used is possible. Organization’s data with help of macroeconomics measures offer information that supports improvement efforts (Greenwald, 1982, p. 73).

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Macroeconomic measures

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Business cycles affect the performances of big drive auto by improving it and making it more effective. If big drive auto applies business cycle in time, it improves its performance. Hiring of counter cycling during recession it helps in increasing market share for big drive auto and it establishes its brand identity. It also helps in building high quality work force, lowers costs and if big drive auto cuts production and inventories then there is anticipation for recession that may cut costs relative to their competitors.

Business cycle affects performance of big drive auto by radically re-designing the organization’s procedures and structure. Business cycle allows inclusion of economy-wide measures of performance offering benchmark to performance of big drive auto (Bromiley, et. al, 2008, p. 208). List of References Bromiley, P. et. al, (2008), “strategic business cycle management and organizational performance: a great unexplored research stream,” strategic organization, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 207-209 Greenwald, D. (1982), Encyclopedia of economics, California: McGraw-Hill

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