Louis Xiv and Versailles

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Louis XIV and Versailles Early Versailles In 1651, when Louis XIV was only thirteen, he visited Versailles for the first time. His next visited in 1661, he had fallen in love with the place. From 1664 to 1668, his efforts to rebuild the palace centered on the park and groves. In 1669, the king decided to enlarge the castle with the help of Le Vay and sculptor artist like Francois Girardon, Antoine and Le Hongre Etienn Coysevox. Versailles is a masterpiece. There is no way to describe Versailles Palace in one sentence.

Value of Versailles Huge beyond belief, this place gives you a good idea of when it was "good to be the king". Versailles was grand, luxurious, and expensive to maintain. It has been estimated, maintenance and maintenance, including the care and nurturing of employees and the royal family, consumed as much as 25% of the total income of the French. Daily Life at Versailles Life at Versailles was very orderly and rigid. Hundreds of officials help the king to wake up, dressed and prepared for duties of the day.

Quite often the royal family became tired and escape to the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, where they feel more comfortable. The tightly provisions of Versailles rather than the comfort. While the royal family living in magnificent luxury, all others have been placed in tight areas. In summer, the palace was burning hot, while in winter it was freezing The palace is a city to itself. All government officials, servants and employees, household, and the royal palace to live in, respect the rules of Louis XIV.

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Versailles was open to the public. It is considered fashionable for Parisians to drive to the palace, where they can see the royal dinner. Versailles and Absolutism Louis XIV built Versailles was not only so that he can have a nice house. He built it as a way to keep his nobles in line. Louis wanted to make sure he had all the most powerful people with him at all times. So he created Versailles and all ceremonies of the court, to keep the courtiers listen to him . It's not cheap to keep up with Louis XIV and his different lovers.

A large amount of money necessary to buy the most fashionable clothes and all the parties to the king. So, the courtiers can not plot against their king. This is one of the reasons that the absolute has a strong organization in France. However, the unfortunate grandson of Louis, Louis XVI did not have his grandfather's political astuteness ,and all of Louis XIVs careful plotting and planning could not keep the House of Bourbon from falling during the French Revolution.

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