Louis Armstrong and His Innovation

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Louis Armstrong was known as one of the greatest artist in Jazz History. With his work and dedication to the Jazz music, He managed to connect diverse population of society using his music through his innovations;

Blues, Improvisation, Singing, Repertory, and Rhythm.Louis Armstrong made an impact on BluesLouis Armstrong was mostly known as one of the greatest trumpet player in Jazz history, specifically Early New Orleans Jazz. In this case, Armstrong recognize the Blues; a type of jazz genre, as a founding foundation of Jazz. Blues Jazz has the important role in Jazz history.

Blues originated during 19th century in Southern plantation. The founders of Blues were mostly slave and ex-slaves who sings as they pluck plants in the fields."You got to like playing pretty things if you're ever going to be any good blowing your own horn." With the help of Charles Black, Columbia law professor, Louis Armstrong would not have been recognize for this reasons. When Charles heard Armstrong performed lived, the experience he have with Armstrong during his live performance feels that it will have an effect about viewing the race.

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Louis Armstrong song, "Savoy Blues" made an impact on society. It shows tenderness of the sound and shows a little feelings behind the song. This song was considered as a sweet jazz, a sound that lacks improvisation and performed with a moderate tone. With the use of sweet jazz, other uprising black musicians started to use this kind of music genre. If Louis Armstrong did not use the sweet jazz, he would not inspired other inspiring artist and would not impact his music.

The Idea of Louis Armstrong was to inspired young black musicians to embrace the sound of Jazz, specifically Sweet Jazz. In this case, a movement called Harlem Renaissance that supports the black achievements were introduced. In Conclusion, Armstrong recognizes blues as the founding foundation for Jazz because it leads to the rights of the black men during their years. Through his musical career, he shows to people that it is possible to have a strong feeling to blues.

In this case, He influenced a lot of inspiring musicians to create a music that is similar to him, also known as sweet jazz. Improvisation led him to be KnownThrough his Improvisation, his goal is to have a connection to his verbal to the music. Armstrong describes his music as a approaching to improvisations in the terms of suggesting logic developments and through his progress. His music shows that his first chorus plays melody and his second chorus plays the same melody with another combination of melodies.

As he plays his instrument, trumpet. He always stated that his trumpet always tells a story. In short, whenever he plays his trumpet he just need to go with the flow to feel the music in it. Armstrong develops his music through creating a story, according to Roy Eldridge, When Armstrong creates music, it's like connecting an idea of telling a story with syntactic and cumulative development. Every phase that Armstrong plays led to somewhere else, that links to other songs.

In this case, Armstrong's motivation was to shows a attention to others, mostly through a nightclub. Armstrong's improvisation shows that his melodies were unique, creative, and shows emotions towards the songs. His Improvisation depends on an attractive tunes, His music structure must be elegant. Another approach with his improvisation is through harmony, through the chord progressions, the tune must be focused shifted from tune to harmony in order to create an abstract and a large scale creative sounds.

Armstrong's Improvisation brought changes to his melody. His improvisation methis was to think what rhythm that is already created and what to add to it in order to be more creative rather than creating a new rhythm from the scratch. Armstrong's melodic tunes were considered as a free mode. His chord progressions was seen as a potential to create a harmonic improvisations, a related way of creating a new rhythm.

With in that, People respect Louis Armstrong with his great composition on music because of the quality of the tune and his pitches, the mood within the song he made and it sound that is made has a relaxing tune for the listeners to like it. In summary, throughout his career, records shoes that his music was advancing, using improvisation, he managed to get a lot of attentions through his music.

The main goal was to let everyone know the connection of his music and the other's music rather than listening to a music without knowing anything. With improvisation, he made jazz as music that shows individual expressions. Crystal Voice of Louis ArmstrongThrough his career, He also sings specifically scat-singing. Scat singing is type of singing that is using nonsense syllable instead of words.

Throughout the Jazz history, male vocalist of jazz were musical performers originally and one of them was Louis Armstrong. With the use of his improvisation, he emphasized the music more with his scat singing. According to his singing, his trumpet and scat has a connection between in it. As he plays his trumpet, it is played by using a triplet pattern of eight notes and develops motif by the right ascending or descending tune of his melody.

Same thing as his scat, the development of the motif of the trumpet somehow related to scat. As Armstrong sung, the sound that came out gives a "dynamic synergistic effect. It brings a thrilling tune when using voice that is like a trumpet instrument.When Armstrong sings, people described it as a "heart warming", and "beautiful and nostalgic.". Louis Armstrong has the same manners to sing as he did on trumpet. As being said, His singing and playing trumpet has the emphasize on a gracefully melodic, rhythms, and triadic extensions.

With is singing, Louis made an impact on the other singers such as; Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Elvis Presley. Armstrong's scatting melody was considered as a powerful melody throughout his music, as well being said, some artist have been collaborated with him like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. In conclusion, Armstrong wouldn't been so recognized if he didn't introduce scat-singing to the public. As his use scat singing, he opened a door full of opportunity to the future aspiring.

RepertoryAs Louis Armstrong considered as one of the most influential person in Jazz, His music has a potential to the listeners. Throughout his musical career, There were a lot of people that His music was not original, but just were being improvised. In fact, it is true; however, not all the hits he just improvised, some of them were written originally .

As he composing his own song, there were some mistakes on it, over and over he changes some of his tunes in order to get the right tune. With his repertory, he sold a lot of albums. His repertory made an transformation through his career.As people believed that his repertory was low quality, his career suddenly fail to become popular. With his dedication to music, he started again to show different kinds of repertory that he has that ended up to have one of the best recordings in his period.

His repertory showed variety of sound such as timbre. He also includes different techniques within his music such as inserting instruments' range. With his repertory, He created some of Tin Pan Alley songs into a masterpiece. In that case, Some of Louis Armstrong's musics became one of the standards of jazz. With his work, His music was introduced widely by the people such as his music, Memories of You, On the Sunny side of the street, and I got rhythm.

After he was introduced by him music, another musicians were been also recognize with their innovations such as Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and Dizzy Gillespie. Reverberating RhythmLouis Armstrong's Rhythm introduce to the world as a second nature to everyone. As critics says that some people considered Armstrong's music was disorganized, but most people recognizes his music has a perfect rhythm, harmony, pitch, and a flow.

Theortically, people considered Armstrong's contributions to the people is to teach them to appreciate music.With the rhythm of Armstrong, he became more integrated to his language over time. When Armstrong create a new rhythm, he made it very seriously but when it is very complicated he intended to change the tune in to simple tune. However, Armstrong's rhythm made his music complicated. This complication in his music did not bother him, in fact, he began to recruit other singers specifically blue.

As he recruits singers, he developed a habit playing a triad minor in his music. In some people's vision, Louis Armstrong's rhythm seems to lack something. He was also judge by having an old fashioned music. In order to correct this mistake, Armstrong changes some of his tune or re arrange it in order the listeners will be satisfied. With his popularity in repertory, he able to performed wonderfully in front of his audiences, the goal was to entertained the audience, it happened.

In some of his music he change some of his phrases to a more triad. Based on his rhythm, he has this first eight bar that assembles his melody's pitch. As the critics says about his rhythm, "Armstrong has the right rhythm instinct and sense of time in 'swinging around and away from the regular beat' as he expresses it.

His rhythm made a huge impact on Early New Orleans Jazz, his skills on rhythm, he able to connect phases without any problem compared on other Early New Orleans Jazz such as dealing with complicated notes within music. Through his creativity, he was able to tell people that music may be hard to understand sometimes, it just need to be hear it carefully in order to understand what the song is trying to tell.

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