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Absolute monarchs had a significant impact on European history and the way their nation lives today. Absolute monarchs had control over political, social and religious aspects of their nation’s life. Absolute monarch had a positive and negative effect on society and European history. From 1550 to 1800 was a time known as the Age of Absolute Monarchs. The Age of Absolute Monarchs was a period of European history when monarch had total control over laws and the power of their nation.

Some well know absolute monarchs during this time period are Phillip II, Maria Theresa, King John, and Peter the Grate. An absolute monarch is a king or queen who has total control over all aspects of society. Another absolute monarch is Louis XIV. Louis XIV was born on September 5, 1638 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye. He stated to ruling at only age 13 and was also engaged in the Franco-Spanish war. When he was 22 he got married to Maria-Theresa which helped him become the most powerful monarch in Europe.

During the first 20 years of Louis XIV ruling he make many contributions and achievements. Some contributions he made is that he helped build up Frances military and invaded the Spanish Netherlands . He also helped promote art such as , music, architecture, painting, and sculpture. and managed to reduce Frances taxes. Louis XIV also help stabilized France by building up its power. Louis XIV also had some negatives effects on France. One negative impact he had on France is that he lead France into debt.

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He also demanded that the nation convert to catholic or else he would leave France. A positive effect is that Louis the Great had was that he reduced France’s taxes and had a major impact on the arts. Absolute monarchs had a significant impact on European society. Their total control over their nation allowed them to make positive and negative choices that effect the way their nation lives today. The paragraphs above show how Louis XIV contributed to European history.

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