Essays on Ibn Battuta

Essays on Ibn Battuta

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Ibn Battuta

Mackenzie Schultz Mrs. Linn AP World History 1 September 2012 Ibn Battuta and the Five Pillars In Ross E. Dunn’s novel, The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, Ibn, a 14th century Muslim traveler, is influenced by The Five Pillars of Islam in different ways (Dunn 1). …

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Ibn Battuta Critical Analysis

According to Mian (2008), ‘“ The great American playwright Tennessee Williams once remarked, “Attempt voyages. There is nothing else”’ (P. 41). Although Ibn Battuta (full name being Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta alias Shams ad –Din) was born centuries before Tennessee Williams made this remark, …

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Chapter 13 Guided Reading

Guided Reading Chapter 13 Terms: 1. Tropics- Areas with high humidity and temperatures 2. Monsoons- an overflow of water from rivers 3. Ecosystems- communities of living things within a certain climare 4. Bilad al-sudan- West African Jewish communities who were connected to known Jewish communities …

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Ibn Battuta – One of the Greatest Medieval Travelers

Ibn Battuta Muhammad ibn Battuta (1304-ca. 1368) was a Moorish traveler whose extensive voyages as far as Sumatra and China, southern Russia, the Maldives, the East African coast, and Timbuktu made him one of the greatest medieval travelers. Muhammad ibn Battuta was born in Tangier. …

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The Adventures of Ibn Battuta: a Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century

“The Adventures of Ibn Battuta: A Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century” Translation: Ross E. Dunn Ibn Batutta was a self-proclaimed scholar of the fourteenth century who traveled extensively throughout sub-Saharan Africa under the banner of Islam, and wrote of his travels in an autobiographical …

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Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Battutah, commonly known as Ibn Battuta, was an Arab-Berber Maghrebi scholar and explorer who travelled extensively in the lands of Afro-Eurasia, largely in the Muslim world, ...

February 24, 1304, Tangier, Morocco


Marrakesh, Morocco




Place of burial: Tomb of Ibn Batouta, Tangier, Morocco

Era: Post-classical history




How did Ibn Battuta impact the world?
Rihla (meaning journey) gives him a first-hand account about the world's trade networks during 14th century. Battuta supported the movement of Dar al Islam. He also preserved the influence Islam had over the world. ...
Why is Ibn Battuta important?
What is Ibn Battutah renowned for? Ibn Battutah was an Islamic traveler of medieval Muslim origin who wrote the Rihlah. This incredible work describes the peoples and cultures he encountered along his 75,000 mile (120,000 km), journeys throughout the Islamic World.
Why did Ibn Battuta write about his travels?
Ibn Battuta had a strong desire to travel. He was interested in learning from the best teachers and best libraries. In his eagerness to follow his faith, he desired to make the pilgrimage (called the "hajj") to Mecca.

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