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An The Little Prince

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While stranded in the desert because of a plane crash. I came upon meeting a little prince with a seven-year-old Influential mind The little prince came to save his planet and his beloved rose from baobab trees and had asked repeatedly after many sketches of sheep's to draw him yet a better one. and I could not understand why they were not good enough, but a sheep that could eat the baobab trees, He told me about his adventures from his star to five planets and the important things about life he learned from the animals he met along his way, for example, the little prince taught me how adults don’t look beneath the surface to see the real beauty or message of something.

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The little prince told me that he had met a fox that explained to him that investing oneself in another makes that one thing very special. The little prince left his planet because his rose lied to him and eventually‘ after listening to the fox‘ the prince realizes how important his rose is to him and how important he is to his roses When the little prince wished to go back to his star because of his rose‘ he receives help from a snake, The snake bites hirn‘ sending the prince back to his lovely planet, and I found myself sad I was losing a friend because he had taught me these important things and I had grown to love the little prince, butl knew that he was in his own little heaven.

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