Essays on With the Old Breed

Essays on With the Old Breed

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His first tour of combat took place at Pipeline and Engineers where U. S. Soldiers and Japanese soldiers fought inhumanely and relentlessly, and maybe even pointlessly. He went on his second tour of combat at Okinawa, where he felt more obligated and certain of his …

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The Theme of World War II in With the Old Breed

“With The Old Breed” by Eugene Sledge is a startling account of World War II was based on his memoirs he witnessed as a mortar man with Kilo Company 3/5 on Peleliu and Okinawa. Less popularly know than other battles in the Pacific region, these …

MilitaryWith the Old Breed
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With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa is a World War II memoir by United States Marine Eugene Sledge, first published in 1981. The memoir is based on notes Sledge kept tucked away in a pocket-sized Bible he carried with him during battles he fought at Peleliu and Okinawa.
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Frequently asked questions

Is with the old breed based on a true story?
Yes, With the Old Breed is based on a true story. The book is a memoir of the author's experiences as a Marine during World War II, specifically during the Battle of Okinawa.
Who is with the old breed?
The old breed" refers to a group of people who are considered to be traditional or old-fashioned. This group is often associated with values such as honor, loyalty, and hard work. The term can be used to describe a person's character or disposition, as well as their occupation or lifestyle."
When was with the old breed by Eugene Sledge published?
The Old Breed: A Marine's Memoir of the Pacific War was published in 1981 by Eugene Sledge with the assistance of historian and author Sidney Phillips. The book is considered by many to be one of the most important first-hand accounts of the Pacific War, and has been praised for its honest and unvarnished portrayal of the brutal fighting that took place on places like Peleliu and Okinawa.
Why read “with the old breed”?
There are many reasons to read "With the Old Breed." First and foremost, it is an excellent historical account of World War II, specifically the Battle of Okinawa. In addition, it provides a firsthand account of the brutal fighting that took place on the island, as well as the horrific conditions that the soldiers had to endure. Furthermore, the book offers insights into the Japanese culture and way of life, which can be useful for understanding the enemy's perspective. Finally, "With the Old Breed" is simply a well-written and fascinating book that is sure to captivate anyone who reads it.

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