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Modern life is very different from life 50 years ago. Some people think the changes were positive changes while some people thinks the changes were negative changes. It Is true; life 50 years ago is simpler than life now. 50 years ago, the pace of life is slower and family could spend their time together longer. They could attend family occasions like wedding and Did. Besides, 50 years ago, the living cost Is lower than now.

They Just spend a few ringlets per day to buy groceries and consumer Items or they can Just grow vegetables or raise animals Like chicken, cow or goat as their food sources. Notwithstanding, I think life today Is much better than It was 50 years ago. Life today has a higher technology. First of all, technology brings about a great many convenience and amenity. When we need to contact people, we use cellophanes to call them, we can fax them, we can send an e-mail to them or we can make a video call with them.

Nowadays, we have Internet that direct us to Backbone, Twitter, Keep and other application that can be used to connect with people. Besides, we can search for worldwide information in the internet. When we want to abroad a flight, all we need o do is just call the flight ticket agency and buy the tickets online. Using smoothness, everything is much easier as everything is Just on your fingertips. Hence, we can say that with the advancement of technology, life today is better than years ago. Other than connecting with people, internet has thousands of uses.

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We even can make money using the internet as an example Madam. Com that helps people to sell and buy items in the internet in Malaysia. Next, we have e-Bay which is a site that can be used to pay bills and stuffs. Then, communication is also one of the factors to prove that life today is better than it was. As what we can remember, 50 years ago people didn't have the modern vehicle to move from one place to another place. If before, people usually walk, or uses bull carts or sampan to move but now, we have variety of cars, airplane, train, buses and lorry to get us to our destination.

More advances, we also have ALERT, Commuter and MR. as our public transport to send us to our destination faster and more convenience. This proved that life today is better than it was years ago. Next, human rights today is been uphold more than 50 years ago. Now, women can do what they want to do. They can have the career that alt with their passion and interest. They can go out and socialize with their friends. If we look 50 years ago, women is Just a wife that act as person who do the house chores and the one who got to take care of their children and husband and.

They even can't go out easily without the permission of their husband. Women 50 years ago usually were forbidden to continue their studies or work In the Job of their Interest. However, nowadays we can see women as the top people In the world In many fields. Equally Important Is the children's right. Children's rights are to get loves from their parents. They also have the rights to go to school and study. However, children's 50 years ago works as a slave. Their rights' on their education was not been concerned.

As have been said, the human rights' today is much better than 50 years ago. As conclusion, life today is better than it was 50 years ago. Nowadays, people live with high technology that eases their daily works. Nowadays, we have modern that help us to connect with people. Today, human rights' had been upheld. There are no more women or children that had been treated the way that suppress or oppress them. In other word, life today is totally mush better than it was 50 years ago.

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