Young People Have A Better Life

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My grandfather always story me how was his life when he was young. I find that there is a huge different between my life and his young life, my life is 10 times much better than him. So, I will say yes for this topic that young people have a better life today.

Nowadays, young people have a better life because of the sophisticated technology that helps us in every work that we do. For instance, when teacher gives us assignment, we can gain information and tips that are required for the assignment by just surfing the net without going to library. We also can be a knowledgeable person because now we have a lot of online newspapers which provide us the latest news from entire world. In contrast, the previous people are so hard to get to know the news because they do not have sufficient money to buy newspaper which is the main source to know the news.

In addition, young people have a better life today because we can enjoy live together in harmony and peace, there is no war, terrible rush and the most important thing that can be proud by Malaysians is Malaysia is an independence country now. This success is achieved because of the contribution of the elderly generation to our country. Apart from this, the life quality of the young people today is increased drastically. For example, there are a lot of hospitals and clinics which are not only at the city areas but also in the interior areas to improve the health of the citizens.

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Government is always wants the best for the young people to live in good condition in this country. So, they provide us infrastructures kind of post offices, libraries, banks, highways, and many more which help us a lot in our daily life. Those days, there are less infrastructures and the elderly generation disables to do their works smoothly.

Besides that, the education itself is the main reason why young people have a better life today. For instance, the systematically system is practiced in education, the marking scheme in exam is easier than before and the teachers nowadays are more understanding and educated. Hence, we will be more excited and enjoy to study. This leads us to be a successful person in the community one day.

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