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Sura light

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Light Sura The Sura I have chosen to analyse for my assignment is the 'Light Sura'. The reason I chose this Sura is that it deals with many social issues that are still very evident in Islamic life today. It gives a very detailed view of what God expected of its followers throughout the Sura and what punishment would be handed to them if they did something unwilling to Gods orders. Throughout the Sura a strong message is sent to the believers of Islam. A woman is used as an example of someone who has sinned n a terrible and unlawful way and this is described throughout the text.

In my analysis of the Sura I am going to use key verses that give a clear indication of what the passage is about and what clear messages is sent down from god. This is a medinan Sura that relates to the social values in the Islamic world. One of the main themes of this Sura is evolved around many regulations and laws of the Muslim community such as, marriage, obedience, modesty and the main on which is highlighted throughout this passage adultery. Muhammad's wife Aisha was falsely ccused of adultery which was associated as a huge crime in the Islamic world.

Punishment was very harsh on anyone found guilty of these crimes, however these strict ways also sent a message to the Islamic community that believers should never step out of line. This is clearly highlighted in verse 24:2, "The adulterer and the adulteress scourge ye each one of them (with) a hundred stripes. And let not pity for the twain withhold you from obedience to Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of believers witness their punishmentl".

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I think this punishment uggests that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah and although Aisha is an honourable woman and Muhammad's wife, she is still punished the same. It is important in the eyes of Allah and the prophets that women are honourable and they are making an example of it in this Sura. It's very clear that this Sura focuses on the social values in the community and another example of this is shown in verse 24:32, "Marry off the single among you and those of your male and female slaves who are (fit for marriage). If they are poor god, God will provide for them from his bounty:

Gods bounty is infinite and he is all knowing2". It is Muhammad's Job to preach these messages to the Islamic community in the hope that followers will listen to Gods message. Through that verse the message is clear that god wants men and woman to marry, but through marriage comes stability and maturity. It is evident that he wants people to marry so they aren't idle all the time and so they won't cause trouble in the community. Simarily in verse 24:33, "those who are unable to marry should keep chaste until God gives them enough out of his bounty.

If any of your slaves wish to pay for their freedom, make a contract with them, and give them some of the wealth that God has given you. Do not force your slave girls into prostitution, when they themselves wish to remain honourable, in your quest for short term gains of this world, although, if they are forced, God will be forgiving and merciful to them3". This verse relates a lot to the career of Muhammad from when he grew up in Mecca. During this time, tribes had a lot of slaves working for them and they were usually mistreated.

Prostitution was a way tor young woman getting through lite as they could not get married. Muhammad sends a strong message in this text as he tries to preach to the owners of the slaves that it is against Gods teachings that this sort of behaviour should happen in this religion. This is a very smart message from Allah as it encourages people to marry and decreases the chances of trouble and violence by the Islamic followers. Muhammad is Allah's messenger and it is shown throughout the passage that he wants to keep the community together by reinforcing the values rom the place (Mecca) they came from.

Muhammad was born and raised in Mecca but moved to Medina. This sura relates a lot to the career of Muhammad as he brought followers to Medina when he moved. These were the people who emigrated in God's way. At that time there were a lot of tribal wars happening due to divisions imposed by leaders. Muhammad was part of the Banu Hashim tribe and according to (Cook, 2000) "the rival tribe Banu Abd Shams imposed a boycott which the pagans for some two or three years refused intermarriage or commercial dealings with the Banu

Hashim's until such time as they came to their senses in the matter of Muhammad4". However many members of these groups converted to Muhammad's religion. It is important to note that in this sura, the message is very clear to Muhammad's converts that there are laws to follow if you want to be part of the religion. I think it shows that Muhammad's past is evident in this passage by his teaching. Another important piece of information highlighted throughout the Sura is to do with the one God phenomenon. It is repeated time and time throughout the Sura that "God is of all nowing and doing".

This is important to the career of Muhammad as he had to preach this to his followers on a daily basis that there is one God and he is all knowing of your good and wrong doings. This small but clever piece of writing made sure that the message of this Sura was clearly shown, as Muhammad's followers would realise that God can see all your wrong doings which would permit them from thinking of committing a wrong deed as writing at the end of the Sura, verse 24: 64, "God has full knowledge of everything5".

It is very clear from above that the career of Muhammad is evident throughout the Sura by the teachings relating back to the prophets past. In this Sura, Muhammad is preaching about how to become a good Islamic follower and the punishments that will happen if followers lean away from the laws.

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