Let’s Move: The Dangers of Continuous Eating on the Run and the Anti-Obesity Campaign

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Tina Allen Mrs. Garton English 101 24NEV 6:30-9:15 3 Dec, 2012 Let’s Move Our society has changed over the past 40 years. Everyone is busier with their families, church, careers, sports or other extracurricular activities. We have become so busy it is easier to grab food on the go, between children’s schedules, personal responsibilities, or whatever the situation. Cooking and family meals do not happen as often, if ever. The effects of continuous eating on the run are hazardous to our health. Consistent greasy foods can clog arteries, high salt intake causes blood pressure problems, and the biggest effect of all is obesity.

Webster’s Dictionary defines obesity as a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body. Over the past 40 years, obesity has quadrupled. Obesity has become one of the most dangerous health risks in the United States. Our future children eat more unhealthy food, and get less exercise in today’s society. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, has championed the social program “anti-obesity campaign” which is aimed at children, families, schools, and the food industry. This campaign is aimed to improve the food in schools. According to Janie Duffy , OPAA! ood manager for the Nevada R-5 school district, this year marked the debut of new federal requirements for school lunches. Under the new rules, there are five meal components: meat or meat substitute, grain, fruits, vegetables, and milk. Duffy reported that under the new guidelines, food costs more. She also reported that more children are bringing their lunches from home. Joy Hawks a Nevada R-5 board member said, “It’s a matter of redirecting kids to try different things. ” However, in the 1950’s, ‘60’s, ‘70’s, and even in the ‘80’s obesity was not a major issue.

The children were taught to use their imagination, and enjoy the out doors. Being overweight was not one of the leading health issues. The Nevada R-5 school district did fix nutritious meals with the five basic food groups. Of course, there was not all the electronics that are available today. The people used their imaginations more, families rode bikes on the weekends, or they spent time with family. Obesity was not an issue. Parents cooked healthy nutritious meals at home, and families had their dinner schedule, which never wavered.

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According to NHANES, National Health and Nutrition Survey, obesity began rising in the early 1990’s. The surveys are designed by: Gender, Age, Socio Economics, Racial/Ethnic, and Geographical Characteristics. However, several different variations have to be factored into the surveys. We are all designed different. Therefor every person’s BMI, Body Mass Index, is different. Biological and genetic influences also aid in obesity. Constant body weight can be maintained only if energy intake and expenditure are properly balanced over ong periods of time (Woods & Seeley, 2005).

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