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Les Miserable

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Nonconsequentialist-not based on or concerned with consequences. Jean Valjean embezzles some bread. He did not predict the consequences of embezzling and not embezzling. * Jean Valjean tried to escape from prison and wasn't concern about what could happen. Jean Valjean embezzle some silverware from the Bishop. After the Bishop took him in. Fantine lies about her illegitimate child to get a job at the factory. Once they fought out she got fired.  Fantine joined a group of whores in selling herself. She did not think of the consequences of her action.

Even though she was doing it to support her illegitimate child.


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Valjean was unable to see an innocent man go to prison in his place. He confesses to the court that he is the right prisoner. Free will and determinism  Javert was determining to put Jean Valjean in jail.  Jean Valjean was determining to help others who might face the same situation, or any difficulty.  Javert is determined to do what is regarded as ethical. To prove himself worthy, and to compensate for what he as his parents unethical doings. Javert His unwillingness to change or recognize another way of looking at things. He has total faith in the system of rules he represent, and by extension, total faith in himself. He lives by society's rule and principles. Indeed to show tolerance and understanding might even be considered a weakness when applying to the law. He doesn’t have the tolerance or forgiveness to accept his own mistakes and move on. He sees that he may have been mistaken in his judgment of Valjean. He felt it was a simple decision- dog eat dog, hunt or be hunted. He never wasted a moment on making the right ethical decision.

Something was either ethical or unethical the law does not take motive into consideration. He did not care about anybody, but what the law says. Jean Valjean * He doubts and questions himself at virtually every turn. His strength of will is derived from the fact that he feels he has seen his own black side. He knows what he is capable of, given the right circumstances, and because he has seen an alternative, he is determining to avoid any repetition of his black side. He discovers the importance and value of love through his meeting with the Bishop and his relationship with Cossette. Love by extension, respect and tolerance. He turned into a caring person.  He helped as much as he could. Once he fount out about Fantine situation, he felt bad about firing her from the factory. He helped her and promised to take in her daughter. He took in Cossette and loved her like she was his own. He feed the poor people. His willingness to do right by the people. He became a different person after interacting with the Bishop. I just got to pick to characters and talk about their interactions with one another such as Jean Val jean and Fantine.

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