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Leisure or Free Time

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Leisure or free time, is a period of time spent out of work and essential domestic activity.

It is also the period of recreational and discretionary time before or after necessary activities such as eating and sleeping, going to work or running a business, attending school and doing homework, household chores, and day-to-day stress. The distinction between leisure and unavoidable activities is loosely applied, i. e. people sometimes do work-oriented tasks for pleasure as well as for long-term utility. [1] A distinction may also be drawn between free time and leisure.For example, criticism of consumer capitalism by Situationist International maintains that free time is illusory and rarely free; economic and social forces appropriate free time from the individual and sell it back to them as the commodity known as 'leisure'. [2] *Do young people today make good use of their leisure time? Or do they spend too much time watching television and playing video games, instead of taking part in more productivity activities.

The most young people are wasting a lot of time to watching television and playing video games.It will all start after the primary school as soon as kids become teenagers at the age of 15. Furthermore, their parents are going to say how important school can be and what you can and want to achieve in the future. It is hard to have less time for yourself, to watch less television or to play less video games but it something you must control it by yourself. The reason why this happens after the primary school is, because they have got homework and they want to have a part time job. The ,,young people’’ want to go to clubs, cinema’s or other activities in their neighbor.They also have more living costs to pay like life insurance.

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The solution of all this is to manage time. In other words, the parents need to learn their children how to manage time so they can have more time for themselves. Now I have told you that this problem will appear al lot, but fortunately it will not appear always. I also think that this problem will appear less over 5 years, because the educations still gets better and the young people are getting more ambition. But the most important is they are going to get more focused on the future.

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