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School Leisure events & sport festival

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Sport festival at our school is one of the most important events. Annual preparations have just began and there will be many leisure activities which are supposed to make the festival even better and more attractive. Because it is all about fun, relax, leisure and friendship so all the leisure events are just as important as the sports competitions. This year no one will be bored, no one will be sad because there will be something for everyone. This is the list of the most important and biggest leisure events we prepared this year:

o Bandstand music- during the whole sport festival bands will play a variety of music. Beginning with rock, jazz, pop and ending with hip-hop and metal. There are also going to present new bands which were created among our students. Everything is for free and everyone is invited.

o Sports games- every student will be able to try their sports skills and not only watch school athletes. It is very important so that everyone during the sport festival play sports and encourage them to go in for sports every day. There will be table tennis, basketball, streetball and badminton. Yet the main competition will be the 3km run where every student regardless of age can participate.

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o Computer games- there are many students who prefer playing sports on the computer then in the real life. There will be also an opportunity for them to show off and use their skills in playing FIFA and NBA.

o Dance- for many people dance is also sport and we know that in our school there are many great and stunning dancers who for sure want to present their talents. There will be a special tent with the floor and DJ where the dance competitions will be held.

o Firework finale- at the end of the sport festival everyone will witness a beautiful firework show with a great party for every student from the school.

The more people will participate the more and better leisure events will take place next year. Moreover there are many awards to win in every competition and event. Leisure events are prepared for You mainly to make the time more attractive but also to create a possibility for everyone to win an award and feel the spirit of sport. We welcome all who wish to watch the Sport Festival but also those who want to have a great time with their friends.

School Leisure events & sport festival essay

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