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Leap Motion

Leap Motion Many of us are aware of the Leap Motion with is a small, $70 gesture control system that simply plugs into any computer and, apparently, just works. The most important thing is that, if you’re familiar with the touch modality the interface is entirely intuitive (Christopher, 2012). It’s touch, except it happens in the space in front of the screen, so we don’t have to cover our window into our tech with all those unsightly smudges.

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This new technology unlike a touchscreen interface, we can just move our fingers with touching the scream and the pens inside just draw exactly what you leaps are.

It’s the difference between attempting to conduct a symphony with a wand and attempting to conduct the same symphony by sketching out what the orchestra should do next via chalk on a blackboard. Further more, Leap operates in three dimensions rather than two. Just imagine to “push to scroll,” rotating your flattened hand to control the orientation of an object with a full six degrees of freedom, or using both hands at once to control either end of a bezier surface you’re casually sculpting as part of an object you’ll be sending to your 3D printer (Christopher, 2012). I think this new technology is very useful to the stores like apple store.

Since this kind of stores is a big market sale smart phone, touch scream pads and high quality laptops, it would be better production and financial operating with this higher and attractive technology. For example, as we all know that apple store is very popular in the world and people are just curious about what the new technology is will be come up every season with every new product. With the leap motion, people will be more convenient to do their work. So this will exactly improve the sale rations of the store. Expect the benefits it can make to the store, the leap motion will also be very useful to some companies’ technology production.

For instance, for industry technology workers, they do not have to stand the whole day with the scream. They can just sit or walk wherever they want to do the work. This will be very convenient and flexible. So, the leap motion does bring us the value to our lives and it also promotes the technology development. Reference CHRISTOPHER MIMS. (2006, June 26). The Most Important New Technology Since the Smart Phone Arrives December 2012. Technology Review, from http://www. technologyreview. com/view/428350/the-most-important-new-technology-since-the-smart/