Leadership Style of Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Last Updated: 20 Jun 2022
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Born on March 23, 1953 in Bangalore. Schooling at Bishop Cotton Girls School & Mount Carmel College at Bangalore. B. Sc. in Zoology from Bangalore University. Qualified as a master brewer from Ballarat University Australia. CMD,Biocon Ltd, India's biggest biotechnology company. In 2004, she became India's richest woman Feathers in the Cap Termed India's Biotech Queen by The Economist and Fortune India's mother of invention by New York Times Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Healthcare & Life Sciences Category (2002) The Economic Times Business Woman of the Year Award (2004)

Leadership: The KMS way The Success MANTRA Listen to the little drummer in you who keeps saying break free, become large, build something memorable. Strategy Leadership is about approaching opportunity through strategy. Motivation – Motivating Oneself – Motivating others Mission or Vision?? All leaders need not be visionaries and all visionaries need not be leaders. There can be a leader without vision but there can’t be a leader without mission. A Leader’s Mission :  To inspire people To help them share aspirations and ideas


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A Devastating situation – Personal Vs Professional Life .Biocon was busy negotiating with Danish firm Novozymes for the sale of its enzymes business. Her husband John Shaw was diagnosed with a cancerous lump in his kidney. Kiran not just tended to her husband in hospital, but also made all the strategic decisions needed for the deal. Ultimately, the deal was a great SUCCESS for BIOCON Personality Traits – Openness to experience – Extraversion – Agreeableness – Emotional Intelligence – Conscientiousness Very High High High High Very High Charismatic Leadership

The Most Influential in Bio-business person outside Europe and USA – Nature Articulates the vision Sets the high performance expectations Conveys a new set of values Motivational Leader A great motivational leader in terms of both motivating herself as well as her employees Inspired by India's software success story. This motivated her to set up Syngene.

  • Transcendental Leader
  • Doing the IMPOSSIBLE
  • Surface courage from FEARS
  • Touching the UNTOUCHABLES
  • Understanding the inarticulate needs

Strong commitment to goals : She transcended the boundaries of self and her business. Relationship building within the organization as well as outside the organization Customer relationship that helped Biocon’s growth. Kiran tried to add value to the business and customer. – She commented in an article that as the company grew, the equation with the customers changed. – Earlier client meetings were under a cloud of patronization but now they were meeting of equal minds Who is a LEADER?  A people’s person  One who inspires confidence  One who have respect for others Have honesty of purpose  One who has passion, energy, conviction, ambition, mission & faith.

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