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My Leadership Style At Work

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If I were to ask my subordinates what type of leader I am, they would probably say that I am a very task-oriented, down to business, pursue what I set out to do. Additionally, you would probably get some remarks about how I'm not afraid of the manual work and that I am always the first in and last out during the duty day. If you were to ask my supervisor about how I am as a follower, he would undoubtedly say that I'm dependable, goal oriented. He would say I'm a hard-worker and see through all tasks that I'm assigned, some of which may take some outside-the-box thinking.

The leadership style I use is a mix of authoritarian and participative leadership. This is an effective style due to the nature of my work. If something has to be done quickly and without thought of others, I tend to be very authoritarian so they are able to focus on what actually needs to be done and not get caught up in trying to decide what the best course of action is. On the contrary, if there is time for decisions to be made, and, especially if the decision is one that will affect more than myself, I try and get input from everyone to get their thoughts. This this is the best way to get people to take a bit of ownership with it.

I consider myself to be a good NCO. I am entrusted supervising and developing my subordinates. Although I consider myself a good NCO it does not mean I still don't have room for improvement. My supervisor can depend on me to do what needs to be done effectively. I ensure that the Job gets done in a timely and productive manner. I consider my task-oriented leadership a strength because it focuses me on the task at hand. It ensures that deadlines are met and jobs are completed. As far as my essence I see myself as being open minded, someone who wants to see the end result on any task. I always try to put 100 percent to everything I do.

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My Leadership Style At Work

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