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Essay On Leadership And Management Styles

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With the majority of nurses ages 46 or older vastly approaching retirement and the increasing population of those aged 65 or older the demand for nurses is higher then ever. Increase in population and increase in restoring nurses makes the nurses shortage a real issue that Is not resolving any time fast Today's health care needs to be smart about how they recruit, retain and promote growth within an organization to help fill the gap that nursing Is leaving behind. This requires leaders In healthcare to be innovative and unique in creating a vision to help promote nursing as an attractive reliable profession.

About 46% of nurses are aged 46 years or older, meaning that in just a short ten years many are planning on relating format he workforce leaving a huge gap In the healthcare field. While nursing school enrollment is on the rise and many may believe that the nursing shortage is coming to end, it infectious beginning. Administrations are relying on management teams to effectively execute, mange and organizes strategist set forth by accompany to promote team cohesion and job retirement.

Manager position and power and Influence have a direct link to those interned toss tatty with a nursing unit. Not only is their added pressure on management teams but healthcare is Mr. then ever heavily rely on informal leaders in In health care. Now more then ever nursing needs neglect, dedicated leaders to meet the challenge of the need of healthcare and the nursing shortage. Leadership Is a process through which an individual Intentionally Influence those around them to accomplish a goal. ) Outside the typical boundaries of traditional authority Is a phenomenon of informal leaders that make things happen. Approximately 80-90% of healthcare workers are non management/leadership roles, and is the largest group who has the power and influence to affect williwaw of care. ) Anticipating the growing nursing shortage brought on by retirement Aden he growing healthcare population, should begin to identity these roles and establish defining elements of the role they play In leadership.

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Dillydally nurse mangers and leaders should also begin to understand and help identify how theses Informal leaders gain their power and influence and focus on ways that they can be mentored and supported_() Traditionally nursing has defined roles In management and leadership teams but it is those without defined roles that exude an influence over their peers that are fast becoming the informal leaders.

By deification informal leaders are those without definition who serve as advocates for the business()_ It is up to the management team to be able to identify who these individuals are and help mold and support them to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for team cohesion and nursing promotion. Landforms leaders in nursing typically do the task they have in front of them efficiently and effectively because they have the expertise and common goal of promoting quality of care that management has.

Some might say that these informal 1 OFF related obligations, but this isn't true. Those who are be defined as informal nurse adders are those who'd o their Job effectively, share their expert nursing knowledge, volunteer to lead and are recognized by their peers. () While it is up to management to help identify, mentor and support these informal nurse leaders, it is up to theses informal leaders to help shape and mold the new crop nurses teetering the health care field. New nurses rely heavily on their peers for support and guidance, especially when first starting out.

While they may have a respect for management and what hey do, it the informal leaders that will touch the new nurse the most. Having reliable reference of knowledge, expert execution of laity of care and being a voice for the nursing community will inspire the new generation of young nurse to follow nit heir footsteps. Nurse leaders are not always necessarily informal either, they too can exist in the management team, it thorough he bleeding of the nurse leader and management that the current shortage of nurse can be helped.

Management has have the organizational skills to follow budgets, hire and expend units according to a company's policy and help contributor e CIO the overall vision and mission of the organization. While nurse mangers are primarily viewed as nurse leaders, this is n;t always the case. Many are devoted to the orientations and runt heir unit according to a company's satisfaction DNA very well may exceed toast accompany expectation but they may lack the respect, knowledge and leadership skills necessary to e true nurse leaders.

Poor leadership skills in management has direct influence over nurse retention rates and Job promotion. One study shows that those who felt mentored and supported by their management were more likely to continue to stay with a ND promote and organization. (()))))))))))) Therefore that the roles of a leader must integrated and executed by those in management positions. This author has direct experience with that of a manger lacking the skills of a nurse leader. Over a period of three months 4 different staff members left the nursing unit due to the lack of respect and faith in management.

What was baffling was that administration refused to acknowledge the actual issue of insufficient management and did not take steps unnecessary to help retain the current staff. What ensued was the hiring of all many individual's, some with previous experience the field, some without, who were left without much direction or leadership. Patient satisfaction suffered and patient admission went down, recommendations for this nit were not in a positive light. The whole unit suffered due to poor management leadership and the organization lost many good qualified employees because of it.

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