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Leadership Styles Narrative Essay

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In the fast pace environment of health care, organizations must realize the importance of using organizational structures (models) to benefit and improve the overall success. Organizational structure is defined as “A guided process for integrating the people, information, and technology of an organization, and serves as a key structural element that allows corporations to maximize value by matching their corporate design to overall strategy”. (Glickman. 1997)

Though there are many organizational structures, witnessing informal structure in action and seeing the effectiveness, has proven that success is accompanied when using this organizational structure in the health care setting. However, by using this structure it is crucial that new knowledge and involving employees by allowing them to formulate solutions.

Thus, resulting in accomplishing necessary tasks with confidence and efficiency. In addition, along with the informal structure, there are certain techniques that must be applied to reach success, such as sharing information and ideas within the organization, and the ability to make decisions on the spot. Whether an employee or leader makes decisions, the health care setting can change drastically and decisions need to be made quickly.

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Along with most effective techniques, applying those techniques to the organization is equally important, also it is important to spot ineffective techniques within the organization and remove them from the system. A superior asset that an organization must use to communicate with employees or stockholders is technology. To elaborate on the framework of informal structures, an example of this structure is A Place Called Home LLC; an Adult Family Home located in Olympia, Washington.

This privately owned elderly care facility has been using the same structure since the opening in 1999. Using the informal structure, A Place Called Home allows employees to interact with each other and the residents, “Through the emergent and spontaneous relationships of informal structures, people gain access to interpersonal networks of emotional support and friendship that satisfy important social needs”. (Lombardi, D. J. , Schermerhorn, J. R. , & Kramer, B. Chp 3. 2007) Emotional satisfaction is a key factor in providing quality care.

By allowing an open and friendly environment, the employees will feel more of a connection to leadership. Therefore, with trust comes the ability for everyone to contribute with ideas, make decisions independently and quickly. The employees gain knowledge through briefing held every morning, including any new updates, knowledge, and the important tasks for the day. Doing this helps tremendously with developing control of the organizations performance and potential success.

Although many techniques are useful to effectively share information and ideas among the organization, the most effective is the ability to have trust and confidence in the team. The process of meeting and having daily discussions that include briefings on daily tasks would be pointless if the team does not feel comfortable with each other. For example, the textbook states, “As workers at a variety of levels tend to share ideas, problems, and solutions with one another over snacks and meals.

Dynamic health care managers can mobilize these types of informal learning opportunities as resources for organizational improvement”. (Lombardi, D. J. , Schermerhorn, J. R. , & Kramer, B. Chp 3. 2007) Even so, with many styles and structures, some techniques just prove to be ineffective. An example of this would be, dictating the team members rather than approaching them in a kind manner, with no rude behavior. This technique is proved to never be effective in achieving quality care, and receiving success.

All these techniques are applicable by modifying and removing all the negative aspects. Applying what is good technique only, and not implementing the negative aspects will benefit the organization in the long run. A new asset that has been growing at an alarming rate is technology. Technology is very efficient in assisting with communication. Intercoms, cameras, bed alarms, etc. are all helpful tools that ensure more safety and quality of care. Technology can affect the process of communicating new knowledge and providing all of the stockholders detailed information at a more rapid rate.

The use of technology has altered health care. “Regardless of the sphere in which it is implemented, new technology is something to embrace. It benefits businesses by increasing productivity and efficiency, and it benefits individuals by offering fun and exciting ways to finish personal projects. In general, technology has the potential to improve the quality of life for the user, and it can have ancillary benefits to others. Things are no different in the medical community”. (The Importance of Medical Technology. 2002)

Knowing that health care calls for structure among organizations so that success and quality provided is present, especially in the fast pace environment of health care. Though there are many structures that can be chosen to run an organization, certain techniques need to be a priority. These techniques include the sharing of information and ideas to all stockholders. Having the privilege to witness an informal structure in action at A Place Called Home and seeing the effectiveness, has proven that success is accompanied when using this organizational structure.

A crucial aspect needs to take place when using informal structure, which is confidence and trust in the employees because with this structure, decision-making at times requires independent problem solving and quick thinking. The way to build such trust and confidence is to hold daily briefings before shift change, thoroughly reviewing daily tasks and new knowledge by allowing the employees to input ideas and other related information allows the employees to feel connected. In turn, resulting in more efficiency and future success for the organization.

Leadership Styles Narrative Essay essay

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