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Laziness caused by Technology

More and more in this time, all I can see is people being lazy. Children do not want to play outside. Instead of playing outside children sit inside all day playing on their videogame systems, tablets, computers, and phones.

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Adults are just as bad sitting around glued to whatever tech toy they have. Technology is making people lazy.

People hardly have to leave their homes to do anything anymore. Technology has made it so easy for people to get virtually anything and everything they could possibly want or need at the touch of a few buttons. No longer do people have to walk around a store and haul their own things in and out of their cars. All people have to do is go online and those things will be delivered right to their front door.

When people do leave their homes to go to work, a lot of them are going to jobs where they sit behind computers all day. Even students staring in elementary school do a lot of school work, tests, and school projects behind a computer or tablet now. Many college students are picking careers to do with technology and can even get their education all online.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is not all bad. Technology has helped our culture in the fields of medicine and science greatly, but our society is letting technology take over. People are not being active enough anymore. Laziness is spreading like a disease. Being so lazy and depending so much on technology is causing health issues of its own.

Technology is ok in moderation. People need to stop letting technology take over their lives. Sitting at home in their pajamas ordering what they want and need instead of getting out and being active is just plain lazy. With everything so readily available with a few clicks of a button technology is winning. Technology is definitely making people lazy.