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Health Complications Caused by Chlamydia in Males

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The topic I have chosen to link it with is Chlamydia n individuals aged 16-25. I am going to see whether the health promotion is used as a system of empowerment or a system of control. Main body Chlamydia can cause many complications in males and females, a few examples of these are; abdominal pain, pelvic pain, inability to get pregnant, potentially deadly octopi pregnancy, swelling in one/both testicles, fever and preventing a man from being able to father children states Brown, N (2013).

The government are setting up ways to prevent this by setting up free Chlamydia screening to Individuals aged 0-25, this Is empowerment. By the government doing this It Is making Individuals take precautions and have regular checks. It also makes individuals respect themselves as when they know what Chlamydia can do to them they may also start using condoms to reduce the statistics of people contracting Chlamydia.

It can also be seen as trying to control individuals as they are pushing/persuading them to use contraception and keep getting themselves checked out after a new sexual partner, this Is because If individuals start becoming aware and checking themselves, and also using protection It will reduce the amount of money the INS are spending on treatment, (1 tablet or a weeks worth of antibiotics). The individuals that don't use protection or get checked out regularly could be having sexual relationships with others in the community and passing on the infection.

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This is why when individuals find out they have the infection they are advised to tell their past and current partners to get checked out as well. The antibiotics that are prescribed are the medical approach as It alms to prevent disease. This topic also links to behavior hang as it encourages individuals to adapt healthy behaviors, it is also a form of health education as the individuals are learning about Chlamydia also it is unlikely to be successful unless the individual is ready to take action.

For example if an individual is not willing to use protection and/or get regular tests then there is not a lot that can be done, unless they decide to change their ways and try help themselves. The education approach also links to this as It alms to provide knowledge influence relating to Chlamydia as it aims to help individuals acquire the skills and inference to take greater control over their own health. For example if you are afraid of what your partner may say when you mention 'protection' you are less likely to mention it, also if you are afraid of the result you may get from the screening tests you may decide not to take one.

Social change also has a link to Chlamydia as it aims to make the healthy choice the easy choice, some individuals may be too scared to get help, take tests or mention anything. This is where individuals need to start making the right choice. The media is an influence on Chlamydia as it encourages individuals viewing it to stay safe, look after yourselves and others so you don't pass the infection around the community. The government are also an influence on Chlamydia as it is thanks to them that 16-25 year olds can gain free Chlamydia screening in clinics INS choices (2011).

The critical understanding for health promotion is as follows, health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve; health of people, communities and populations says Reuters, T (2013). It moves beyond a focus on individual behavior towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions. Interventions to help change behaviors and environments in ways that are conductive to health. The main goals of health promotion are to reduce health risks and optimize health and productively while lowering total health-related costs.

At its best, worksheet health promotion creates a culture that fosters vitality, motivation and overall effectiveness of human capital says (Erickson,2006). The role and relevance of health promotion is in tackling the determinants of health, elate promotion will include combinations of the strategies namely developing personal skills, strengthening community action, and creating supportive environments for health, backed by healthy public policy.

Health promotion is a powerfully relevant strategy for social development, in particular as an important set of strategies to address the factors influencing inequalities in health. Health promotion also brings together all the principles that underlie a series of strategies that seek to support conditions that allow populations to be healthy and to make lately choices. The range of strategies draws upon behavioral sciences, public health, education and communication, to name a few, and their respective methodologies says health promotion agency (2009).

Empowerment or control Within this essay I have stated both ways in which it is empowerment and control. However both have equal entitlement; I am swayed to say I personally think that the health promotion is more a system of empowerment. This is because the government are setting up schemes that are free for individuals aged 16-25 to access. This shows he empowerment that is given to individuals to look after themselves without a cost. Also condoms are given for free at the clinic where the Chlamydia screening is taken states (Scholar, Abraham, Kook and Gilmore, 2004).

This is empowering people to take precautions so that they don't contract the infection. Another point is the media what can happen if they have the infection and don't get checked out. Conclusion Throughout this essay I have shown how health promotion can be used as a system of empowerment and a system of control. I have linked it together with my chosen epic; I have also linked health promotion within my topic to the different approaches that I have learnt about within my lectures.

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