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Lack of Proper Management Practices in the Roaring Dragon Hotel

Roaring Dragon Hotel, a state owned enterprise, was one of the reputed 3 star hotels in China.This case study is about the conflict aroused by taking over of a former C Lack of proper management practices brought down the vibrant history and reputation of Roaring Dragon hotel, which was a premium hotel in south-west China.Hotel International was given the responsibility to transform the Chinese hotel to a modern market oriented organization, to improve its potential.

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Problem Though the problem areas of the Organizational culture are identified, management failed to manage the Cultural Differences of Expatriate Managers and Employees.

The employees faced severe conflicts in adapting the changes made by the new management; consequently they lost their significance, motivation and developed a feeling of insecurity over the top management decisions. Opportunities The change in Management has brought an excellent opportunity to change the deeply entrenched non-productive work behavior and modernize the Hotel to international recognition by proper training, motivation and trust which also generate profits and deliver the quality of service.

Recommendations. Inculcating a manager who is thrown out with the Chinese Culture and including the locals in the Management, taking the Employees into confidence by salary hikes, identifying their hard work, and also make sure the change is properly communicated to the Employees through right cha Conclusion Strategy was good initiative but they failed to capitalize it by not taking into account Locals Culture and improper communication between Expatriate Managers and Employees. HI would have improved the communication between the managers and employees by paying more attention to rted following the Guanxi management rather than HI management.

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