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The Roaring Dragon Hotel

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Introduction: According to Grainger (2008), “The Roaring Dragon Hotel is one of the three start hotels in south-west China and it is a state owned enterprise “(p.1).

Background: Potential of the Roaring Dragon Hotel is not recognized and provisional government decides that Roaring Dragon Hotel requires modernization (Grainger, 2008). According to Grainger (2008), “The organizational culture was relaxed with many employees managing to find time to read newspapers, drink tea and some managers even conducting private business and leaving the premises during working hours”(p.1).

Problem: According to Grainger (2008), “The challenge was to transform a large group of relaxed family based employees, working under an ad-hoc management style, into a professional group of dynamic employees operating within a structured international organizational culture”(p.2). There are huge modifications in Roaring Dragon Hotel’s organizational culture and number one guanxi holder is going to work with opposite competitor (Grainger, 2008).

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The Roaring Dragon Hotel

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Opportunity: The contract between Chinese provincial governments and Hotel international would have been worked if all the problems have been solved and Roaring Dragon Hotel can be named as Hotel International Roaring Dragon Hotel (Grainger, 2008).

Recommendations: According to FakhrElDin (2011), Cultural Intelligence is very important to any multinational company and it is a significant factor for employee in the international hotel, training to improve Culture intelligence is needed in this sector. Internal communication is the first relationship to organization and for strong relationship they should be assigned with rules and responsibilities (Abdullah & Antony, 2012).

Conclusion: Organizational culture and relationship between international manager and employees is important.

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