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Essays on John Smith

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Comparing William Bradford and John Smith

He defined himself as “a person for study as well as action; and hence notwithstanding the difficulties which he passed in his 2) Also he stated “The crown of all his life was his holy, prayerful, watchful and fruitful walk with God, wherein he was …

GodJohn Smith
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Pages 5
John Smith’s Account of the Founding of Jamestown in 1607

The colony at Jamestown, the colonies at Plymouth, and the colony at Boston had different nature, goals, successes and failures. There was a cross of similarities and differences. One thing that remains obvious is each was looking for something that was lacking in their home …

DiseaseJamestownJohn Smith
Words 826
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John Smith’s Letter to the Queen

John Smith’s 1616 Letter to Queen Anne of Great Britain: Most admired Queen, The love I bear my God, my King and country, hath so oft emboldened me in the worst of extreme dangers, that now honesty doth constrain me to presume thus far beyond …

John SmithPocahontas
Words 906
Pages 4
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John Smith and William Bradford

John Smith and William Bradford were both great early explorers. Smith and Bradford had both many similarities and differences when it came to such topics as Leadership, Interaction with Native Americans, and Success in Arrival. John Smith was an explorer from the Virginia Company. He …

John SmithPocahontas
Words 297
Pages 2
The Boddingtons and the John Smiths adverts

Both the Boddingtons advert and the John Smiths advert were shown on ITV during the breaks and between television programmes. As a class, we viewed it during the break of the champions league semi-final football match between Chelsea and Monaco. I think this was purposely …

AdvertisingJohn SmithObesity
Words 1014
Pages 5
Huck Finn and John Smith- Conning

As a person it is necessary to grow; whether it be good or bad, growing is essential. Within the novel of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, the main character Huck goes through a tremendous amount of growing. As people we need to …

Huckleberry FinnJohn Smith
Words 614
Pages 3

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John Smith was an English soldier, explorer, colonial governor, Admiral of New England, and author. He played an important role in the establishment of the colony at Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in America, in the early 17th century.

King Edward VI Grammar School (1592–1595)


How would you describe John Smith?
John Smith was an English explorer. He was also a soldier and writer. Smith's legend has grown over time, particularly because of the popular tale about Smith's involvement with Pocahontas.
What was John Smith's motto?
The base features an inscribed text that reads: "John Smith is Governor of Virginia 1608" and Smith's coat with arms and motto vincere vivere ("to live means to conquer")
What is John Smith famous for saying?
Virginians recognize Captain John Smith as a key to Jamestown’s survival in its early days. They can quote Smith’s words: "He shall not work shall not be fed." However, many people don't know Smith's adventures that began years before Jamestown.
Why was John Smith so important?
John Smith was an English explorer. He was also a soldier and writer. Smith's legend has been cultivated over the centuries due to the popularity of his involvement as a Pocahontas, an American princess.

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