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Who Was Joe Louis and Why is He Important

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Who was Joe Louis, why is he important, and why did he help to increase black enlistment into the military? He was important because he defeated a white boxer and encouraged blacks to enlist In the army 2. What was the first concentration camp and when was it set up? Dachas, 1933 3. What groups of people were targeted during the Holocaust? Jews, Gypsies, Polish Catholic, Russians, mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, and political prisoners. 4. What was the "Final Solution"? The mass murder of Jews 5.

Based on the reading, describe Auschwitz. More than 1. 6 million were killed in Auschwitz, they didn't feed babies to see how long they could survive 6. During the asses, how was widespread anti-Semitism demonstrate by the US? The US only let 10 percent of the quota of Jewish people allowed into the country 7. How many nations were involved in 'MINI and where did fighting take place? 70 nations were involved. 8. How many people participated In the war and how many people died? Over 70 million people served 9. Which nation suffered the greatest number of deaths? Which nation suffered the least?

Soviet troops, Germans, and Japanese suffered the most and Americans suffered the least amount of death 10. In what ways did the world change because of the war? The world is more observant of situations and people like Hitler and WI lead to the Nuclear age 11. How was US sentiments about international relations prior to WI similar to feelings prior to WWW? Because before WWW they were striving for Isolationism and they are striving for It again after WI 12. Why was the Kellogg- Brand Pact unsuccessful? Because the other nations didn't agree with it so the other nations went to war anyways and tried bringing America into it. 3. In 1935, how did a large percentage of college students feel about war? Why did many people feel this way? They weren't going to fight even if they were invaded 14. What was Merchants of Death and what did It argue? It was a book that said that the United States had been drawn into the European war by international arms manufacturers who had deliberately fomented conflict In order to market their products 15. What was Mien Kampala and what did It call for? Mien Kampala means my struggle. It laid out Hitless plan for Germany. 16. Why was Doll Hitler imprisoned?

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Because he and his Anza party took over the 5 year old republic of Germany. The Beer Hall Putsch 17. What actions did Hitler take after becoming the chancellor of Germany? He outlawed labor unions, imposed newspaper censorship, and decreed that the Nazis would be the only political party of Germany. He also established a I OFF the age of 10 to Join youth organizations and follow Nazi beliefs. 18. What were the Unmerge Laws and what did they do? Forbade intermarriages, restricted property rights, and barred Jews from the civil service, the universities, and all professional and managerial occupations. . What did Japan do because of their lack of raw materials? What was the reaction of the US? They invaded Manchuria.. President Hoover rejected a military response. 20. As Japan ignored the reaction, what actions did they take during the asses? What was the reaction of the US? In December 1937, Japanese aircraft bombed the Panky, a U. S. Gunboat stationed on the Yanking River. The United States accepted Japan's apology 21 . What event took place in Nanking and how did the US react? In December 1937, Japanese aircraft bombed the Panky, a U. S. Gunboat stationed on the

Yanking River. The United States accepted Japan's apology 22. Who led Italy throughout WI? Bonito Mussolini 23. What was Italy's political party and how was it similar to Hitter's Germany? Fascism. He said he would end political corruption and labor struggles Just like Hitler. 24. What were Italy's aspirations regarding Africa? To make an Italian empire in North Africa, 25. What actions did Germany take after dropping out of the League of Nations? He went seeking more land in England 26. What areas was Hitler able to annex without interference of Britain and France? Austria 27.

What is appeasement and why were Britain and France looked at as appeasing Germany? Appeasement is to make someone happy. They kept giving Germany breaks 28. What was agreed upon in the German-Soviet non-aggression pact? That the soviet union could have control over Poland 29. What event caused the war to begin and what was Germany's war tactic? WWW. Germany's war tactic was tip become the master race 30. Who became Prime Minister of Britain during the war? Winston Churchill 31 . What was the German Air Force called? Luftwaffe 32. After failing to destroy Britain, what actions did Germany take?

They invaded Belgium 33. What events occurred between Deck. 6 and Deck. 11, 1941? Soviet forces repulsed the German attacks on Moscow. This was Hitter's first defeat 34. Between 1935 and 1941, how was the US involved in the war? We responded to the war by issuing a proclamation of neutrality. In 1941 the President offered a Lend- Lease aid to the Soviet union. 35. What actions did the US take against Japan because of their expansion throughout Asia? America froze all Japanese bank accounts in the US. 36. When did the bombing of Pearl Harbor occur? Deck 7th 1941 not destroyed the ship repair facilities. 8.

What was the US reaction to the bombing of Pearl Harbor? The US declared war on Japan 39. How did the war affect US economy? Give specific examples. The war brought unprecedented prosperity to America. 40. How did WI affect American fashion? Women had to work so they couldn't wear more feminine clothes so they had to wear more masculine clothes 41 . What happened to the NAACP during the war? Their membership went from 50,000 to 500,00 thousand. 42. What was "Rosier the Riveter" and did it represent? She was the popular image of of women who abandoned traditional female occupations to work in defense industry. 3. What role did Mexican Americans play during the war? Almost 400,000 served during the war. 44. How were Mexican Americans treated in Los Angels during the war? Many youth gangs erupted in Los Angels 45. How was the naturalization of Italian, German, and Japanese immigrants to the US affected during the war? They weren't allowed to in mass numbers. 46. What were Internment Camps? How did Sauerkraut v. US relate to these camps? Internment camps were for immigrants when they wanted to move into another country but they had to go to camps.

Because a US military official told Sauerkraut to go too camp and he said no and then he went to Jail. 47. How many people died at Straddling? 850,000 48. Before invading France, where did the US and British forces begin fighting? Germany 49. When did the allied invasion of France begin and what was it referred to as? 50. How/when did Hitler die? April 30th 1945. Gunshot to the head 51 . When was V-E day? May 8th 52. What were the US' two strategies to defeat Japan and who led each of these? 53. What was the Enola Gay? Boeing 8-29 Superstores bomber

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